Phoenix Tea Party Patriots’ BirtherFest event cancelled due to lack of interest


by David Safier

The cancelled Phoenix Tea Party Patriots' September 22 event wasn't actually called BirtherFest. It was a "Cold Case Posse Event" billed as "an exciting time as the Greater Phoenix Tea Party and Surprise Tea Party present an event to support Sheriff Joe and his investigation into the fraudulent Obama documents."

Sharing star billing: Sheriff Joe Arpaio; LTC Terry Lakin (a birther doctor who refused to deploy to Afghanistan because he doesn't believe Obama was born in the U.S.); and Pat Boone.


Even with a star-studded lineup, the Phoenix and Surprise TPP groups couldn't manage to sell tickets. It makes you wonder if everyone but the Tea Party has given up on birtherism.

Someone might ask Ally Miller if, as a Tea Party Patriots member who has her own page on the Great Phoenix TPP site, she bought tickets to the event — that is, if she's stopped claiming allusions to her Tea Party affiliation are "name calling" by people who are "willing to fabricate just horrible stories and lies about me."

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  1. No ‘sense’ at all involved here. They are not interested in a Phoenix Tea Party Patriots’ BirtherFest because the Tea Party was intended to be a distraction and ongoing political assault on Obama and the Democrats from day one. Now that they believe they are on the verge of ousting “The Kenyan” from the White House, why hold a Birtherfest? Dems constantly underestimate the other side (to our ongoing peril).

  2. Yippee yahoo and hallelujah!

    Some sense at last coming out of AZ. I’ve been ashamed to admit I live here.

  3. I thought Lakin was in prison, but I guess he plea bargained.

    His brother, of course, admitted before the LTC’s court-martial, that Lakin, himself, has a daughter born in Hawaii. In order to show how easy it was to get a full birth certificate, the bro’ went to Hawaii and tried to get one for his niece. He was told, very emphatically and clearly enough that even a fool would understand, that the State of Hawaii does not furnish full birth certificates.

    Then bro’ returned Stateside and he and his fool of a LTC brother pursued their claim against Obama, demanding, of course, that the President show his full birth certificate — the exact type of certificate they now both knew Hawaii did not give out.

    Good — no, make that GREAT — to know that there were not enough morons with sufficient money to buy tickets to this convocation of liars and racist simpletons.

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