Pie Party parties on with Food Conspiracy Co-op

Press release from new Pie Party organizers:


Ian Fritz and Turtle Southern, co-founders of the Pie Party, have passed the torch on to the Food Conspiracy Co-op along with pie party devotees’ email addresses.

This year’s Pie Party will be held on Saturday, May 10, from 3-6 p.m. at Mercado San Agustin.

Though previous Pie Parties have taken the form pie contest, this year’s event will be a pie potluck. Anyone can submit a pie to the Pie Party. Just drop off your pie (or pies) at the Mercado between 1-2 p.m.   Bakers’ entry forms will be entered into a raffle and two winners will receive a $50 gift card to the Food Conspiracy Co-op.

 Entry forms are available online or when you drop off your pie.This year’s Pie Party proceeds will benefit two local nonprofits. Pie Party attendees will vote to choose which nonprofit will receive the proceeds from the evening. For each slice of pie attendees buy they will get one vote. Slices of pie will cost $3, or $5 for two slices.

Eligible nonprofits include El Grupo Youth Cycling, Ironwood Tree Experience, The Happy Organization, Native American Advancement Foundation, Tucson Village Farm, and the Farm Education Resource Network.
We hope that you continue to enjoy what co-founder Turtle calls Tucson’s most tastiest and memorable fundraisers for years to come!
See you at the Pie Party!
Kelly Watters
Education & Outreach Coordinator
Carolyn’s note:  I’ve been to this Pie Party before when it was held at Dunbar School.  You will never see so many pies in one room/locale again. They were all delicious, at least the few pieces I ate, so party on with this Pie Party. Eat more pie!

One response to “Pie Party parties on with Food Conspiracy Co-op

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Report from Food Conspiracy Coop 5/22/14:

    The results are in! The 11th Annual Pie Party proceeds will be shared by the two winning organizations, El Group Youth Cycling and Tucson Village Farm who each received 175 votes, congratulations! Your pie eating and baking enthusiasm raised a total of $845.86!

    We were pleased with the turnout and know what to expect next year. More pies!
    We know there is always a level of surprise hosting a potluck and this year’s mere
    70 pies were gone by 4:15 pm! While the pies were few, they were delicious. People enjoyed the Tropical Mai Pie, the Vegan Mango Madness, Spanish Tortilla and the Cornmeal Apricot.

    Next year we anticipate promoting the party with more advance notice, will roll out some incentives for bakers to get baking pies (possibly a contest) and will hold classes at the Food Conspiracy Co-op on how to make pie crusts.

    Thank you to all of the bakers, servers, the pie eaters and enthusiasts, musicians, photographer and to the participating organizations.

    Visit our facebook page to view Pie Party Photos or look for them in the Food Conspiracy Co-op’s July/August Newsletter.

    See you next year!