Pima Dems Welcome Independent Voters (press release)

Along with women, the poor, the sick, seniors, public employees, union workers, the LGBTQ Community, African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and working class families, add independent voters to the list of Americans the Republican Party wants to disenfranchise.

An Arizona Capitol Times article today published in the Arizona Daily Star under the headline “Republicans troubled by independents’ impact in primary” explains in great detail how Arizona Republican leaders hope to “find ways around” a state law which allows independents to participate in primary election – something voters statewide approved nearly two decades ago.

Nearly 88,000 of the 124,000 independent voters who voted on August 26 returned Republican ballots – a rate surpassing 70-percent. That number accounted for just over 16-percent of the total number of votes cast in the Republican primary. Yet it seems many of those among the leadership of the “Grand Old Party” are unhappy with the increased voter participation. As with so many other issues, Arizona Republicans believe only a few people – an ideologically pure elite – have the judgment to make decisions for our whole society.

Arizona Democrats, on the other hand, strongly support allowing independent voters to make themselves heard at all stages of the voting process.

“As Democrats we strongly support all common-sense steps that increase voter participation in elections and make it easier for citizens of all parties – or no parties – to exercise their right to vote,” said Pima County Democratic Party Chairman Don Jorgensen. “The Pima County Democratic Party welcomes the participation of independent voters in our primary elections. The more opportunity there is for all voters to have their voices heard, the stronger the future will look for Arizona and the nation.”

It is strange that the same group who so quickly criticized Arizona Democrats for a lack of contested primary races would be upset that more people participated in their own Election Day contests. It is a clear indication that Arizona Republicans know that – all things being equal – independent voters’ core values are more likely to line up with those of the Democratic Party.

Contact: Jason Ground, Communications Director
Date: September 16, 2014
Phone: 520.326.3716
Email: news@pimadems.org