Pima County races in the General Election 2016

Now that the Arizona primary is done, here’s the list of match ups for the races in Pima County, for the General Election 2016.

Pima County Assessor

incumbent Bill Staples (D) vs. Suzanne Droubie (I)

Pima County Attorney

incumbent Barbara LaWall (D) vs. Cyndi Tuell (G)

Pima County Recorder

incumbent F. Ann Rodriguez (D) vs. Mike Cease (G)

Pima County School Superintendent  (open seat)

Dustin Williams (D) vs. Margaret Burkholder (R)

Pima County Sheriff

incumbent Chris Nanos (D) vs. Mark Napier (R)

Pima County Treasurer

incumbent Beth Ford (R), unopposed

Pima County Supervisor District 1

incumbent Ally Miller (R) vs. Brian Bickel (D)

Pima County Supervisor District 2

incumbent Ramon Valadez (D), unopposed

Pima County Supervisor District 3

incumbent Sharon Bronson (D) vs. Kim DeMarco (R)

Pima County Supervisor District 4 (open seat)

Steve Christy  (R) vs. Josh Riley (G)

Pima County Supervisor District 5

incumbent Richard Elias (D) vs. Martin Bastidas (G)

Vote wisely on or before Nov. 8, 2016. Early voting starts Oct. 12, 2016.

Voter registration totals for Pima County (from Pima County Recorder’s office):

Democrats 193,987; Republicans 156,753; Libertarians 3893; Greens 1588; Others (Independents) 159,203.


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