Over the last 24 hours, the Biden Campaign has released three new powerful and inspiring ads.

The first one titled “This is How” tells explains the goals of the Democratic Presidential Nominee’s Economic Plan to:

  • Rebuild the economy back better than it was before.
  • Help working families.
  • Support American Jobs.
  • Bring back critical supply chains.
  • Lower health care costs.
  • Invest in schools. 

The narrator concludes:

“This is a plan for working families. This is Joe Biden’s plan for the future and this is how we will rebuild a better America.”

The second digital ad, called “Four Hours” tells about how Joe Biden would travel every day by train from Washington DC to Wilmington, Delaware to be with his sons. The narrator then compares Biden’s acts as a good parent to the other families around the nation who would do anything, including working extra jobs, to make life better for their children.

The video concludes with the narrator saying:

“When Joe Biden was traveling those four hours, he was not just going home for them, he was going to work for them too. Just like he will for yours.”


The last ad is an abbreviated version of the second one called “Train Home” with the difference being that the Biden team will fight to ensure that children get the same health insurance the former Vice President was able to provide his sons.

Again, viewers will not be seeing these put people first centered ads from the other guy.

An in-depth profile of Mr. Biden’s economic plan will be released next week.

November 3, 2020, is 116 days away.

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