Our Blog for  Arizona founder/attorney Michael Bryan set up a Facebook fundraiser recently to raise $2000.  His request for the needed funds is below:


“We have faced some significant expenses due to site updates, new security requirements, and a recent malware attack. To defray the costs of running and maintaining the site we need money. Some of you have generously contributed to our fund drive, but every little bit helps.

All the writers on the Blog for Arizona are volunteer citizen journalists. We cover the news stories that the daily newspapers overlook, working on our own time. If you value the independent, informed writing and exclusive stories you get every day on the Blog For Arizona, we ask that you support us with a donation.”

To date we have raised $950 online plus another $100 offline, so we’re over half way to the to the $2000 goal. Please donate any amount, as it is all appreciated by us nine “citizen journalists”.

Blog for Arizona bloggers at recent meeting, L-R: LD 9 Rep. Powers Hannley, David Gordon, Jana Segal, founder Michael Bryan, Carolyn Classen, Larry Bodine. Missing: AZ Blue Meanie (incognito, but at meeting), Bob Lord, Linda Lyon

I’ve been blogging at this site since Feb. 11, 2014 after a four/half year stint blogging at Tucsoncitizen.com as “Carolyn’s Community”.  I have been mostly posting events on our image Calendar for the past 5 years, and featuring progressive community group activities and political forums/town halls.  However, since the Trump Administration took office in January 2017, there has a doubling of Resistance efforts and events, so now I’m working double-time.

We are all dedicated, progressive citizen journalists, and do this political reporting and commentary voluntarily for our Arizona community and nation. Please help if you can.

Here’s the online link to donate:https://www.facebook.com/donate/2141605012574780/2226788927366661/

And many, many thanks to several of my FB friends who have donated! Your financial and emotional support keeps us blogging.