Priorities USA and Mark Kelly have released two ads over the last day dealing with Trump attempting to set up a police state and Republican proposals to cut (again) Social Security and Medicare.

The Priorities USA ad, titled “Police State” starts off with scenes of brutality towards protestors and Donald Trump sanctioning that approach while providing the definition of the term: “Brute Force, Silencing Dissent, Rule of Terror”


The ad concludes with the statement “Vote This Out.” 

The Mark Kelly ad shows the Democratic Senate Candidate and former Astronaut condemn Republicans for wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare during a pandemic when the elderly are the most susceptible.

Kelly says “that needs to be off the table” and pledges to be a “Senator for Arizona’s” seniors who want to spend their retirement “in dignity.”

Republicans running to set up a police state and cut retirement and medical benefits for vulnerable seniors.

Not exactly a winning message for the once Party of Lincoln.

Please remember November 3, 2020, is in 97 days.

Please remember:

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