Plenty of money to protect the . . . border?

by David Safier

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the AZ House pulled $5 million out of some orifice or other to protect the border protect Pinal County protect Sheriff Babeau. Less than 25% that amount for money for life-saving transplants? Nope, can't afford it.

Here are some quotes from Scarpinato's self-satirizing media release. I'll make no comments. It speaks for itself.

HB 2718 allocates $5 million for Sheriff Babeu and his deputies to purchase equipment and supplies to provide border security in the absence of federal security and protection.


“We can no longer allow drug cartels and smuggling rings to run wild in Arizona,” said Speaker Pro Tempore Steve Montenegro, sponsor of HB 2718. “These resources are vital for Sheriff Babeu to fight these illegal criminals and keep Arizonans safe. Arizona must stand for the rule of law, and this unique task force is doing what the federal government refuses to do: It's enforcing our laws.”


[Kirk Adams] “Pinal County has become the top corridor into our state and country for illegal activity, and Sheriff Babeu has taken the lead in protecting Arizonans."


“My deputies and I are not afraid to bring the fight to the Mexican Drug Cartels, but we need help to purchase equipment and supplies,” said Sheriff Babeu. “Speaker Adams, Rep. Montenegro and the Arizona House of Representatives have taken a significant step to protect Arizona families and defend the rule of law.”

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  1. Now we are legislatively paying back political supporters, Arizona has lost it’s legislative mind. $5million of our money. Ask us.
    So, Border Security funds for Casa Grande – nice.