The mass shooting in Buffalo this last weekend where ten people were ruthlessly gunned down and murdered and three others injured at a local supermarket has rightfully earned the condemnation from all in the world of reality for what it is: a despicable hate crime by someone who subscribes to the baseless views of critical replacement theory: the idea that there is a conspiracy to replace white society.

Unfortunately, there are people of influence whose mindset is in the sphere of alternative reality (or fiction if the reader prefers) and share some of the same views of the shooter. They even spout out insane conspiracy theories that shootings like what occurred in Buffalo was a federal government plot.


It is in this realm that Arizona political embarrassment Wendy Rogers struck again.

The Arizona State Senator and member of the Oath Keepers, who has already made a poor reputation for herself by her numerous outlandish positions like the big lie of the 2020 election or COVID 19 vaccines are the Mark of the Beast, could not resist putting forth the idea that what happened in Buffalo was a federal plot, posting on the Telegram:

“Fed Boy Summer has started in Buffalo.”

Rogers, who has already by censured by the State Senate for her call for public hangings of opponents, now, after a 24 to 3 vote in that the chamber, faces another ethics investigation for her comments on social media.

Reacting to the launch of the ethics investigation after Rogers latest trip to the dark side, State Senators Raquel Teran (also Arizona Democratic Party Chair) and Rebecca Rios (also Democratic Senate Leader and Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Chairperson) issued a joint statement which read:

“The behavior of Wendy is downright abhorrent, and the fact that she is able to remain an elected official and use her platform to incite violence is unacceptable. Arizona families will not be safe so long as people like Wendy remain in office. The failure of the GOP, Senate President Fann, and Governor Ducey to hold her accountable and take action against her shows that their loyalties lie not with Arizonans, but with violent extremists. Arizona Democrats will not sit idly by and be complacent as Wendy continues to endanger the lives of Arizonans and Americans. Hate has no place in Arizona, and Wendy Rogers has no place in our State Senate.”

Earlier in the say, the Arizona Senate Democrats, called for the expulsion of Rogers, posting on social media:

Unfortunately, Senate President Karen Fann of Cyber Ninjas infamy, ruled Senator Rios out of order after she made the motion.

What is out of order is the behavior of Wendy Rogers and the Republican enabling of it. 

Other reactions to the Rogers comments and the Republican inaction toward have come from House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding and State Representative Daniel Hernandez. They posted:

As written before, Wendy Rogers is the poster board for all that is wrong with the current incarnation of the Party of Lincoln. She is nothing but an unhinged, science denying, conspiracy loving, white nationalist, and traitor who is a political pestilence to her district and Arizona State Government.

She needs to be expelled from her office and Democrats need to run ads linking her to any Republican who openly supports her or turns a blind eye to her words and actions.

If Republicans do not expel her, voters have a chance to send a message this November that the unhinged, the racist, and the traitorous need not run for public office again.