Polling from The New York Times Confirms What Many Knew: The MAGA Republican Base is Out of Touch with Reality

From the New York Times.

Results from a July New York Times/Siena Poll of the Republican contenders for the 2024 Party Nomination are chilling.

They also confirm what many in the political world have long known.

The fringe Trumpist-Maga Republican Base is out of touch with reality.

Check out some of these findings with regard to Donald Trump.

  • 76 percent of the people polled have a somewhat or very favorable view of Donald Trump.
  • 71 percent of the people polled do not think Trump committed a serious federal crime. The same number thinks that the party should support Trump during these investigations. 56 percent think he did not do anything wrong with regard to the Mara Largo Classified Documents case. Even if he did commit serious crimes, 22 percent said they would still vote for him.
  • 75 percent do not think Donald Trump did anything wrong in contesting the 2020 Presidential Election. They obviously think differently about the events on January 6, 2021, than the people who live in the world of normal.
  • Vaccine Denier and Conspiracy Theorist Robert Kennedy Jr. beat former Vice President Mike Pence on overall favorability 53 to 44 percent.
  • 37 percent think Trump is moral.
  • 58 percent feel Trump is better situated to beat President Biden.
  • 54 percent think Trump is more fun than the 16 percent that say that for Ron DeSantis.
  • Donald Trump is besting Ron DeSantis by a 37-point margin (54 to 17 percent.) No other Republican Presidential contender is polling above three percent. That includes the three Republicans that have stopped drinking the Trump Kool-Aid: Chris Christie, Will Hurd, and Asa Hutchinson.

Overall, 37 percent of the Republican electorate will only vote for Donald Trump while another 37 percent are persuadable, meaning they could be convinced to vote for the twice impeached, twice (going on three or four) indicted, twice KKK Endorsed, twice popular vote loser, Liar in Chief, catalyst for the January 6 Domestic Terrorist Insurrection, and person found liable for sexual assault.

Only 25 percent, according to this poll, of the Republican voting populace would never vote for Trump.

On current political and social issues:

  • 55 percent think a woman’s right to choose should be either totally or mostly illegal with 59 percent supporting a ban commencing after the first six weeks of a pregnancy.
  • 57 percent oppose comprehensive immigration reform.
  • 52 percent oppose further aid to Ukraine.
  • 58 percent feel society “should NOT accept transgender people as the gender they identify with.” 41 percent oppose the marriages of same-sex couples.
  • 38 percent get news from FOX, Newsmax, or other conservative news outlets. Fox is the overall leader of all the news outlets (regardless of political leanings) with 26 percent.

These are not the majority views of the country.

The majority of the people need to show that at the polls in November 2024 and beyond.

1 thought on “Polling from The New York Times Confirms What Many Knew: The MAGA Republican Base is Out of Touch with Reality”

  1. None of this is surprising.

    The MAGA cult is dominant in the GOP.

    They believe first and foremost in White Supremacy. They now think that democracy must be destroyed in the interest of preserving White Supremacy. Trump will destroy democracy.

    An authoritarian form of government is preferable to a democracy that shares power with a growing non-white population. If the authoritarian ruler is a White Supremacist, the MAGA GOP base thinks they will be just fine. They call it freedom.

    That’s all this is.

    I won’t even allow myself to wonder what happens to this country if Trump were somehow to win the presidency in 2024.

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