Premiere of Tucson film “The System is Broken”

“Joshua Zientarski and PowerTalk to Bring New Film THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN to Tucson


Join This Special One-Time Screening of The System Is Broken, a powerful and timely political docudrama made by the people of Tucson

 Joshua Zientarski, Jim Parisi at PowerTalk and Ignatius Lin will be hosting a one-time screening of The System Is Broken at the Loft Cinema on June 8th, 2016 at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at


 Made in Tucson, The System Is Broken is not your typical political docudrama. It is an inspired-by-reality look at the political voting process through the eyes of two young people, Pete and Natalia. Facing corruption and racism in a Presidential campaign, they and their fellow Latino volunteers fight back by starting their own non-partisan grassroots movement. The blowback from the campaign and the community endangers their lives and threatens to destroy their relationship.

The Tucson event features a pre-screening meet & greet with community organizers and politicians at 7pm and a post-screening Q&A! More than just an important and timely movie, The System Is Broken is a social movement that inspires people who have lost faith in the government to regain confidence and patriotism by rallying behind authentic political candidates who speak to their beliefs in the upcoming election. Bring The System Is Broken to your community today!


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