President Biden Calls Into Morning Joe; Declares He is Staying in the Race and Wonders Where Convicted Donald Trump is

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Fresh off a fairly successful campaign appearances in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and moments after sending a letter to Congressional Democrats, stating his intention to remain the Democratic Presidential Nominee, an energetic and defiant President Joe Biden called into the Morning Joe show on MSNBC, saying “I’m not going anywhere.”

A case can be made that all of the President’s appearances, including the interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, after the first Presidential debate on June 27, have been largely successful. These appearances include a post-debate stopover at an Atlanta Waffle House, four campaign events (in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania,) three interviews, a give-and-take gaggle at the airport tarmac in Madison, Wisconsin, an appearance at one of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania campaign offices, and this morning’s appearance on Morning Joe.

In the letter he sent to Congressional Democrats, Mr. Biden, in a very professional way, told naysayers to cut the crap and that “Any weakening of resolve or lack of clarity about the task ahead only helps Trump and hurts us.”

During the Morning Joe interview with the wife and husband team of Mika Brezinski and Joe Scarborough, he declared: “I’m going to be the nominee” and the last several days on the campaign trail, “I’ve gone over the country for several reasons to make sure my instinct was right about the party still wanting me to be the nominee.”

Later he said, “Anyway, the bottom line here is that we’re not going anywhere. I am not going anywhere. I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t absolutely believe that I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2024. We had a democratic nominating process and the voters spoke.”

He will continue to fight for “everyone getting a fair shot.”

Mr. Biden also invited anyone in the Party to declare their candidacy for the Presidency at the convention if they felt so strongly about it.

When Brezinski asked him a series of questions about his health and decision-making prowess, especially after the first debate, Mr. Biden said:

“Look at my career and I’ve not had many of those nights. It was a terrible night and I really regret it happened…The idea that I’m too old and created over 15 million jobs, 21 million insured for ACA, beat Big Pharma, relief student (loan) debts for 5 million people, and first black woman in the (Supreme) court. So I think I had a significant run.”

“Anyway, in terms of my neurological capacity. I had a physical neurological physical as well in February is released. I released all my records. All of them And I have a neurological test every single day. Try sitting behind his desk and making these decisions… Both of you know it they know it. I’m not bad at what I do. Now, it doesn’t mean I never make a mistake. I do but I’m making those decisions.”

When Scarborough asked a follow-up to an answer from the Stephanopoulos interview on “How would you feel if Donald Trump beats you how would you feel after you lost?” and the Democratic somewhat justifiable anxiety over the President’s response, Mr. Biden responded:

“It’s not an option and I’m not lost. I haven’t lost. I’ve beaten him last time. I’ll beat him this time.”

On people in the Party, Donor Class, and Pundits in the media calling on him to withdraw, the President, while also discussing his achievements defiantly responded:

“I don’t care what those big names say. They were wrong in 2020. They were wrong in 2022 about the Red Wave. They are wrong in 2024…You may remember I was one of the few people out there publicly saying before the 2022 election, there will be no red wave…Then in 2023 the key elections, I went into those races, not everyone but a lot of them and I said we were going win a lot of them. Look at those. So, Joe, it wasn’t just that it didn’t happen. I was predicting beforehand, it would not happen because I’ve got a pretty good political Instinct, and here’s the deal. It’s not going to happen here this time around. The American public is not going to move away from me as the average voter.”

On the polls and recent election results in France where the extreme-right wing forces were defeated:

“The polls were wrong in France. There’s no right wave or tide here in America either… France rejected extremism Democrats will reject it here as well.”

On Trump’s Whereabouts, His Lies, and Trying to Disavow Project 2025.

President Biden had an especially fun time getting on Donald Trump in his responses on the Morning Joe Show.

Among the comments on Trump’s whereabouts, his lies, and attempts to disavow the MAGA-Heritage Foundation crafted Project 2025, he said:

“He hadn’t been anywhere in ten days. I’ve been all over the country.”

“Look at his performances debate. He lied over, you know, Trump’s 50 lies…He’s just a liar and he hasn’t done a damn thing since the debate even riding around the golf cart for 10 days without a Mara Lago talking with his wealthy friends.”

“You don’t see a whole lot of CEOs flocking to Trump… You don’t hear anybody talking about his economic plan to bring America around and keep America First. By the way, you hear Trump talking about all that he has done and… he’s a pathological liar. He lied about Roe. He refused to accept the outcome of the election. He refused to condemn January 6th, and he says the claim he spoke with Putin before he invaded (Ukraine.) What the hell are we doing Joe…This is bizarre.”

Have you ever seen Trump run away so fast from what he’s for? You know he’s going to do it anyway... He’s such a liar… Everybody knows what they’re planning to do. And now he’s saying no no, no, no, no. no. This guy is going to rip away at a woman’s right to choose and in a permanent way. This guy is going to make sure that he exacts revenge. This guy’s going to destroy Democracy. This guy is going to give a blank check to the Supreme Court and he’s going to the 2025 agenda… This guy’s extremely dangerous, but you notice he doesn’t speak up for what he now what he really is for he’s all of a sudden realizing. Oh my God, nobody’s for what I’m for…”

“He makes (Segregationist and former Alabama Governor) George Wallace look like a patriot.”

It should be noted that outside of a post-debate rally in Virginia, social media posts full of inaccuracies, and a few controlled interactions with friendly supporters on the golf cart and ‘news’ organizations, Mr. Trump has not had any campaign appearances or interviews with mainstream-grounded in reality media outlets. Stephanopoulos pointed out after the Biden interview that Trump was invited to meet with him as well but declined.

Also, just remember what is at stake in this election: the only candidate who is unfit to occupy the White House again is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the candidate with 34 convictions to his name.

Donald Trump is the traitor who instigated the January 6, 2021, Domestic Terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Donald Trump is the first President in History to be impeached twice.

Donald Trump has been found liable for sexual assault.

Donald Trump has been found liable for business fraud.

Donald Trump is the first Presidential Candidate to lose the popular vote twice.

Donald Trump has received the endorsement of former KKK head David Duke twice.

Donald Trump set a record for lying while occupying the White House. This trend, which started while he was a candidate, continues to this day.

Donald Trump, because of his botched conduct and management of the Coronavirus, tanked the United States Economy.

Donald Trump is the President who appointed three Supreme Court Justices who took away women’s reproductive freedom and has made all Presidents virtual kings.

Donald Trump brags about being the person who killed Roe v Wade.

Donald Trump is the first President in Modern Times where his own Vice President will not support his re-election.

Donald Trump has been rated among the worst Presidents by our nation’s leading historians. He is ranked worse than Richard Nixon, Andrew Johnson (the first President to be impeached), and James Buchanan, the President who allowed the Civil War to start.

He should withdraw from the Presidential race.

Is this the person that is fit to lead the country?

Do you want this person in charge of the Justice Department apparatus now that the Supreme Court has granted him immunity for official acts? Is this person a role model for your children?

We are in dark and dangerous times if the American People do not wake up and stop this nightmare from seeing daylight.

President Joe Biden

His policies and leadership helped deliver the country from the ravages of the Coronavirus.

His agenda, including the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the CHIPS Science Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, Gun Violence Prevention, and the PACT Act to help sick veterans, has elevated the American Economy, steered the nation toward a clean energy economy and created consistent job growth to the tune of just under 16 million jobs (another 206,000 jobs were created in June).

He has championed and fought for basic rights like suffrage and reproductive freedom.

He has set records for the appointment of minority and women judges to the bench.

Unlike his predecessor, he is not looking to be a King uninhibited by the law.

Unlike his predecessor, Biden is near the top of the historical presidential rankings at number 14.

What part of this is hard for any of the American People to understand?

Get out and vote this November 5. The American Ideal and Democracy are at stake.

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  1. Glad to see President Biden fighting & recovering from his admittedly dismal debate performance. I get the impression the surrender monkeys & trolls who want the Democratic Party to commit electoral suicide by getting Biden to drop out would have had the same “advice” for FDR had they known about his polio.


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