At a joint press briefing following a meeting with a bipartisan group of American Governors, President-Elect Joe Biden said that Donald Trump’s unwillingness to concede the November 3, 2020 elections was both “irresponsible” and “damaging” to American Democracy and the nation’s image around the world.


Reporting on the Meeting with the Bipartisan Group of Governors

Like the earlier meeting this week with members of the nations leading industries and unions, the President-Elect and Vice President-Elect reported there was a great deal of consensus among the assembled bipartisan group of Governors in combatting the Coronavirus Pandemic in a nationally coordinated fashion and moving the country forward.

In Vice President-Elect Harris’s comments, she said:

“…Our message to our governors and to all of our nation’s state and local leaders is simple. President-Elect Biden and I will make sure you have the resources and support you need to save lives and help get our economy back on track. And we will also make sure that our federal state local and tribal authorities are working closely together so we can tackle these challenges as effectively as possible. Because when it comes to this pandemic and the economic recovery, we are not Democrats or Republicans. We are Americans. And we will be there for one another. That’s the kind of leadership the American people need and deserve.”

President-Elect Biden described that there were many areas of agreement with the State Executives that met with him and Harris. These areas included:

  • Working together to combat the Coronavirus and moving the country forward in a “real partnership.”
  • “Delivering economic relief to the city, states, and tribal communities…States and communities shouldn’t have to lay off teachers, cops, firefighters, cut vital services for families and businesses.”
  • “Delivering a safe and equitable and free vaccine.”
  •  “Being clear with the American people about what to expect. No false expectations. Let them know what we anticipate. They all acknowledged that this is going to take a massive public education campaign. And we also need to reach traditionally underserved communities that are being hardest hit by the pandemic. Black, brown, Latino, Latin American communities, Native American communities, small towns, rural communities.”
  • Funding the local National Guard deployment that will be necessary to distribute the vaccine.
  • “The implementation of a national mask mandate.”
  • “Making testing more available and accessible. Anyone who wants a test should be able to get one.”
  • “Building back better, especially on infrastructure and education and so much more.”

Question and Answer with Reporters

The President-Elect made some news during the question and answer session with reporters after the briefing.

Secretary of Treasury Nominee: Biden said he and Harris have selected a candidate and will announce their choice around Thanksgiving.

Locking down the Country during the Pandemic: He expressed his desire not to go that route.

Trumps failure to concede and how that is hindering the Transition Process:

The President-Elect actually discussed this at the beginning of his briefing when he advised the audience and journalists that the head of the G.S.A., in not signing the paperwork to start the transition process, has meant:

“…We don’t have access to all the information that we need to get from all the various agencies. We’re not able to deal with everything from testing to guidance, to the all-important issue of vaccine distribution, and even more importantly, vaccination plan to actually get vaccinations. We haven’t been able to get into Operation Warp Speed, but we will take what we’ve learned today and build it into our planning.”

Later during the question and answer session, Mr. Biden called Mr. Trump “one of the most irresponsible presidents in American history.” The former Vice President suggested that Trump and his enabler’s actions like inviting Michigan State Lawmakers to the White House before the election is certified may not be legal. Earlier, he told a journalist that Mr. Trump and his team’s actions were “incredible irresponsibility, incredibly damaging messages being sent to the rest of the world about how democracy functions.”

When asked if Biden would go to court to force the commencement of the transition process, the President-Elect said no option was off the table but he thought that such an action might take too long in the courts.

On the Legitimacy of his Election

When asked if he was worried that people may question the legitimacy of his election, Mr. Biden said:

“No, I’m not concerned with the vast majority of the American people. All the polling data has indicated, although the Republicans who worry about it, it’s higher, but over 78% of the American people believe it’s without question, it’s legitimate. And I think most of the Republicans I’ve spoken to, including some of the governors, think this is debilitating. It sends a horrible message about who we are as a country.”

This is an outrage that Republicans, en masse, have not told Donald Trump to concede. All his lawsuits have failed. There has been no exposing of mass fraud in any state.

More World Leaders have openly congratulated Joe Biden on his victory than active Republican Senators.

They are pathetic.

Some have said they are doing this because they are scared of Donald Trump.

That may be true for some of them but it is actually something more sinister.

It is all about power to them and keeping their base misinformed and angry to achieve it.

They do not care about the American People.

If they did, they would have told Donald Trump to go to hell.

If they did, they would tell their voters the truth.

They would have passed COVID 19 relief to help the American People, states, towns, cities, and small businesses.

They would have put the needs of the country over their rotting and decaying political party.

In his news briefing, the President-Elect again expressed confidence he could work with Republicans.

Honestly, I pray to God he is right and he can.

However, I remember what Republicans did to Bill Clinton. I remember what they did to Barack Obama. I remember how they acted during the Florida Recount. I remember they opposed virtually every measure designed to help the country and the American People. I remember how they stonewalled the nomination of Merrick Garland.  I remember how they enabled Donald Trump’s unethical and Unconstitiounal whims.

I hope Biden subscribes to the saying “The best defense is a good offense” because frankly, that is all Republicans understand.