Press conference about private prisons May 13


by David Safier

The American Friends Service Committee, along with area churches and agencies concerned with the increasing growth and influence of private prisons in Arizona,is holding a press conference. The Corrections Corporation of American is 30 years old and has a history of mismanagement, abuse and political influence peddling. CCA operates 6 facilities in Arizona and spends millions on lobbyists and campaign contributions to assure its continuation in Arizona. Join us for the birthday party celebration CCA might not want to have.

Monday, May 13, 4-5PM
DeConcini Federal Courthouse
400 W. Congress

Diane Wilson, who is very involved in this issue, sent me the following information:

Arizona's adult prison population has been decreasing significantly since 2010. In spite of that decrease state funding for private-for-profit prisons in Arizona continues to grow. A study by the American Friends Service Committee in February 2012 shows that Arizona does not need more prison beds and that privatizing prisons is not cost effective. Due to successful lobbying of legislators by private prison companies, a new state contract has been issued to Corrections Corporation of America to add 1,000 medium security beds to their already existing facilities. The House and Senate Appropriations Committees are considering a proposal to add $6.5 million to the state budget to activate 500 of these beds in this contract with CCA. The budget may also include an additional $4.5 million to build a new facility housing 500 maximum security prisoners.

Increasing private prisons at the same time the state is decreasing funding for schools makes no sense.

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