From AZ Sec. of State website for contested races in Democratic primary in Southern Arizona:

LD 2 House (2 seats), Ds to face off with Republican Deborah McEwen in the General

(Senator) Andrea Dalessandro  9245

Daniel Hernandez Jr., incumbent  9947

Luis Parra  5861

Billy Peard 5395

LD 3 House (2 seats), no Republicans running

Andres Cano, incumbent  10,701

Alma Hernandez, incumbent   13,005

Javier Soto  4830

LD 10 House (2 seats) – Ds to face off with Republicans Mabelle Gummere & Michael Hicks in the General

Domingo DeGrazia, incumbent  15,406

Stephanie Hamilton  13,742

Paul Stapleton-Smith  8061

LD 11 Senate (1 seat) – D to face off with incumbent Senator Vince Leach (R) in the General

Joanna Mendoza  10,161

Linda Patterson    7759

Pima County races  – from

Assessor (open seat) – Democratic primary, no Republicans running

Suzanne Droubie   50,496

Brian Johnson   19,587

Dustin Walters    16,279

Attorney (open seat) – Democratic primary,  no Republicans running

Laura Conover    54,497

Mark Diebolt Jr.  6181

Jonathan Mosher  35,494

Recorder (open seat) – D to face off with Benny White (R) in General

Gabriella Cazares -Kelly   57,850

Kim Challender   35,256

Sheriff  – D  to face off with incumbent Sheriff Mark Napier (R) in General

Kevin Kubitskey   33,062

Former Sheriff Chris Nanos  60,480

District 1 Supervisor (open seat)

Democratic primary:

Brian Radford   7,337

Rex Scott    14,951

Republican Primary:

Bill Beard    3675

Rhonda Pina   4724

Steve Spain    6018

Vic Williams  4277

District 2 Supervisor  – D to face off with Anthony Sizer (R) in the General

Dr. Matt Heinz    6983

Richard Hernandez  1726

Ramon Valadez, incumbent   4199

District 3 Supervisor  – D to face off with Gabriela Mercer (R) in the General

Sharon Bronson, incumbent   9856

Juan Padres  6809

District 4 Supervisor  – R to face off with Steve Diamond (D) in the General

John Backer  6666

Steve Christy, incumbent   12,447

District 5 Supervisor  open seat – D to face off with Fernando Gonzales (R) in the General

Adelita Grijalva   12,254

Consuelo Hernandez  6131

For other races, go to the AZ Sec. of State website, or Pima County Elections Dept. In Pima County voter turnout was 27.52%.

I’ll update if there are any changes in who’s leading which office. Looks like upset of incumbent Pima County Supervisor Ramon Valadez in District 2.

Congratulations to all the winners in the Arizona Primary 2020.

The General Election will be held on Nov. 3, 2020.