Private schools’ 3-to-1 ratio: a reader comments

by David Safier

The Goldwater Institute maintains Arizona's private schools have a 3-to-1 teacher to non-teacher ratio. Reader Parent X wonders how G.I. arrived at that figure:

The private schools in this state don't have to release any kind of information like that, and I'd be absolutely shocked if there is any comprehensive employee list for even a handful of Arizona private schools. The private schools themselves generally don't even release that kind of info to each other. I doubt very much that Ladner could produce the data that even begins to back up his wild claim.

It's easy to throw out numbers like that when the data doesn't actually exist. Goldwater has become very, very sloppy with their supposed 'research'. When is the media going to start calling them out on this?

0 responses to “Private schools’ 3-to-1 ratio: a reader comments

  1. Stephen Courtright

    As I commented before, my private boarding school has ~38 “staff” to 18 teachers.