Profs, students, prepare to lock and load

by David Safier

Last I heard, the legislature was talking about letting college faculty carry weapons. But, reason Republican legislators, that would leave students defenseless. So . . .

SB1467 would allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry guns on campus.

What do the campus police think about the bill?

University of Arizona Police Chief Anthony Daykin told lawmakers the requirements to get such a permit have been sharply diluted in the last few years. He said it now requires little more than an 8-hour class and shooting at a target.

Daykin also worried about what happens when police respond to a report of a shooting on campus.

"Putting more people with gun who can pull them out will confuse the responsive officer,'' he said. "They'll have to distinguish between who is the original person who perhaps had a gun for a bad purpose and who are all the other people.''

I remember a time when it was dirty rotten hippies who disrespected the police. Now Russell Pearce Republicans, NRA chief Wayne LaPierre and a host of others around the country think the cops are a bunch of wusses. Why do they hate the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect us?

So . . . someone pulls out a gun on campus. Ten other guns come out. Who is the "bad guy" and who are the "good guys"? Everyone with a gun out looks like a shooter. What do the police do to control the situation?

No wonder these people who worship guns scare the hell out of the police.

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