Progressive Radio in Tucson needs your support

TV star Jon “Bowzer” Bauman and John C. Scott, radio host at YWCA of Southern Arizona

“Help John C Scott continue to keep a Progressive Radio airing in Tucson on KEVT 1210 AM and Southern Arizona with Local Shows; John C Scott 3-5 pm Daily and Steve Leal’s All Things Politics and National hosts Thom Hartmann, Leslie Marshall and Stephanie Miller; as we need Operational funds in order to stay on the air as we work to Secure greater Investor Funds to Buy a Radio or TV Station for this Progressive format. Tucson’s format is attracting National and Worldwide attention and may help lead to a National Progressive Media expansion.”

To donate any amount, go to the Go Fund Me campaign online: Only $40 raised so far, so please consider donating.

Carolyn’s note: John C. Scott’s  radio show (28 years of talk radio in Tucson) airs M to F 3 to 5 p.m, produced by Democratic activist Mathew Laos (who briefly had his own radio show). New website:


  1. Donations coming to this talk radio show, now at $105. I listen to John C. Scott nearly every day when I can, M to F 3 to 5 p.m. Glad it’s now live streaming as well.

    • Happy correction to my prior comment:
      Off the air was temporary ~ yay!
      (Correction likely not needed as I think no one read the prior anyway.)

        • Does “online” mean he can be heard on a computer? I listen to 1210-a.m. on the radio. It was off the air on 5/9-10 I believe, when I posted the 1st time. Was concerned it was permanent, am relieved it wasn’t.

          But the lack of normal talk show interactivity is puzzling. I.e, just wondering why the station doesn’t reach out to its audience for dialogue. I hear Tucson callers on its national Thom Hartmann program, not on Leal, Nintzel or Scott. Would also like to hear more local progressives rather than multiple repetitions of the national broadcasters; 1 repetition is ok. Aren’t there some other ~ preferably diverse ~ Tucsonans with solid progressive values and broadcasting skills, who can find commercial and public backing? How about you, Susan?!

          And so far, I haven’t been able to contact the station itself when I needed info about a show; that seems strange. OK, operating on a shoestring, but no office hours at all…? It must be so tricky to run a good station.

          Well, I guess I’ll donate my few bucks, and will keep spreading the word that KEVT is radio worth hearing, at least when its signal is up during the day. Bless the advertisers’ hearts!

  2. Why no warning KEVT was going off the air, do we know?? Pretty abrupt, esp as
    I believe there was at least 1 new ad or PSA, can’t recall which, just the other day.
    And do we know why there was no way, to my knowledge, to contact local program hosts or the station??

    I listened almost continuously (not when Democracy Now! was on, nor when the signal dropped at night) and was so relieved that there was again a progressive station that presents a “bias” toward…… facts!

    So why didn’t (couldn’t?) it reach out to its audience, and let its audience reciprocate? How can we know what’s going on, if we don’t know about this blog? I saw no other link to any updates online.

    Thank you, Carolyn.

  3. Yay — someone just donated! Keep it up, to keep Progressive Radio in Tucson.

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