The current spat between the Progressive wing of the Arizona Democratic Party and it’s first Arizona Democratic Senator in 30 years is nothing new in Political History.

As has been pointed out in the media, Republican zealots censured John McCain in 2014. He still won reelection in 2016.


Republican hardliners thought Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush was too cozy with Mikhail Gorbachev. History judged otherwise.

Democratic progressive elements thought Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were too centrist. These hardliners in the Democratic Party, in their quest for ideological purity, helped create the circumstances (staying at home, supporting third Party Candidates like Ralph Nader and Jil Stein) that gave us two Popular Vote Loser Republican Presidents (and four conservative Supreme Court Justices) instead of left of center Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

How did that attitude work out for the country?

Progressives and Centrists in the Arizona Democratic Party should learn from history and not repeat the same mistakes as before.

As columnists like Az Central reporters Laurie Roberts and EJ Montini have written, attempts by the Progressive Caucus of the Arizona Democratic Party to censure Senator Sinema for voting 19 percent of the time with the Popular Vote Loser administration (now slated for January) is foolhardy and counterproductive.

2020 Democratic Senate Candidate Captain Mark Kelly echoes that sentiment.

Arizona is a Purple State.

To have the first Senator in 30 years from the Democrat Party vote like Arizona is New York is ill-informed and inflexible to the point of self-inflicting wounds on the party.

That said, Senator Sinema would do well to reach out to the Progressive Caucus for an attempt to reconcile differences and forge an alliance that all Democrats can build on to make Arizona bluer in 2020 and beyond.

The Arizona Democratic Party has wisely put this censure motion on hold until January.

Hopefully, both sides will wisely use the time to mend fences and put this episode behind them.