Clean ElectionsThe Arizona Legislature is working “under the influence”… under the influence of wealthy donors, clever lobbyists and dark money.

The Republican-controlled Legislature has passed, and Governor Doug Ducey has happily signed multiple bills that limit the rights of citizens, overturn citizens’ initiatives, suppress voting, consolidate the power in the Legislature, decimate long-standing campaign finance laws, line the pockets of “lawmakers”, mortgage our future, and keep the lobbyists happy. Republican legislators are serving their big money masters– not the citizens of Arizona.


Arizona’s government is one of the most corrupt in the country. (See article here.)

We need reform! It’s time for change in the Arizona Legislature. Many progressives have stepped up to run as Clean Elections candidates,and many are running in underdog races against well-funded Republicans. As progressives, we value Clean Elections, stand against dark money, and believe that Citizens United has corrupted our elections.

34 Democratic Candidates are running as Clean Elections candidates for the Legislature or the Corporation Commission. As such, they all must collect a specific number of petition signatures and $5 Clean Elections Contributions from people in their districts. In addition, they can collect up to $160/person in seed money from anyone eligible to vote in the US.

After the jump is a list of all Arizona Clean Elections candidates and links to their websites. Please consider signing their petitions, donating a Clean Elections $5, and/or donating seed money. If we want to get money out of politics, we must show that Clean Elections can work. This is not an endorsement of any candidate; this is an endorsement of the Clean Elections process.

If we want reform in the Arizona Legislature, we must elect reformers.

Corporation Commission

Chabin, Tom
Mundell, Bill

Legislative District 2

Dalessandro, Andrea
Gabaldon, Rosanna

Legislative District 4

Rubalcava, Jesus
Suarez, Jose

Legislative District 5

Beth Weisser

Legislative District 8

McGuire, Barbara
Casillas, Carmen

Legislative District 9

Hannley, Pamela Powers

Legislative District 11

McCain, Barry
Hammond, Corin

Legislative District 12

Brown, Elizabeth
Lewis, Lacinda

Legislative District 14

Alvarez, Jaime
Holmes, Mike

Legislative District 15

Macbeth, Tonya
Dwyer, Brandon
Lieber-Young, Sue Ann

Legislative District 16

Prior, Scott
Prior, Cara
Stinard, Sharon

Legislative District 17

Weichert, Steven
Pawlik, Jennifer

Legislative District 22

Hernandez, Mannuel

Legislative District 23

Caputi, Tammy

Legislative District 25

Rahn, Kathleen

Legislative District 26

Mendez, Juan
Blanc, Isela
Martinez, Michael
Oberlin, Cameron
Salman, Athena

Legislative District 27

Speer, David

Legislative District 29

Velasquez, Ceci