Prop 122 & Backers Ducey & Brnovich Are Too Extreme for Arizona

Doug Ducey
Prop 122
Prop 122 would allow any Arizonan, the Arizona Legislature, or local law enforcement (like Sheriff Joe Arpaio) to determine the Constitutionality of federal laws.

Brought to you by the Goldwater Institute and the Koch Brothers, Proposition 122 is the worst idea since the Civil War, and true to form with other Koch Brothers initiatives, it is being sold to us with lies and dark money.

Prop 122 would amend the Arizona Constitution to: 1) confirm that both the state and federal governments must follow the US Constitution; 2) give “Arizona” the right to determine what is Constitutional (instead of the Supreme Court); and 3) give the state government authority to stop all levels of government (state, county, city, town or other political entity) from using personnel or finances to “enforce, administer or cooperate with a federal action or program if the people or their representatives have exercised their authority to restrict such action or use,” quoting Arizona’s Election Guide from the Secretary of State’s office.

In other words, if “the people or their representatives” decide that a federal law is unconstitutional, the state can stop, all levels of government in Arizona from cooperating with the federal government on that law.

This is sedition, it is un-American, and it is backed by our state’s Republican leadership, including gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey. attorney general candidate Mark Brnovich, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, disgraced former Senate President Russell Pearce, Republican Congressional representatives, and …

Doug Ducey

Arizona’s Little Napoleons Want More Power (and Hate that Black Guy in the White House)

Other current or former Republican elected officials who have written supportive voter guide statements for Prop 122 are: Congressional Representatives Paul Gosar (CD4), Trent Franks (CD8), and David Schweikert (CD6); State Senator Kelli Ward; State Representatives Debbie “ALEC Cheerleader” Lesko, David Gowan, T.J. Shope, Justin Olson, and Paul Boyer; Brenda Burns and Bob Stump on the Arizona Corporation; Pinal County Supervisor Cheryl Chase; Kirk “Money Laundering” Adams (former speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives); Jonathan “I Heart Pay Day Loans” Paton;  and and many more. (Here’s a hint: vote against all of these people if you get a chance.)

It’s crystal clear from Arpaio’s pro-122 testimonial what he will do if this passes.

As Sheriff of Maricopa County, I see firsthand how bad policies from Washington DC make life more difficult for everyday Arizonans. Federal laws that mandate amnesty for illegal immigrants, and interfere with law abiding citizens’ Second Amendment right to own and bear arms simply defy common sense…”

You can imagine how much fun Arpaio and his mini-me Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeau would have if Prop 122 passed. These two are already running amuck with their high-profile anti-immigrant tactics. Just think what would happen if one of them decided to declare the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA), desegregation, immigration reform, or what few gun restrictions we have unconstitutional? With passage of 122, they would have a field day with the rights of anyone who is not lily white.

But beyond what the racists would do with people of color if they were allowed pick and choose which federal laws to obey, Governor [shudder] Ducey or Attorney General Brnovich could declare the Affordable Care Act, legal abortion, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, the Food and Drug Administration, environmental laws, or anything unconstitutional… and just stop following laws enacted by the US government.

In the voter guide, little Napoleons like Pearce, Franks, Schweikert, Gosar and others parrot right-wing states’ rights ideology.

From Schweikert…

The arrogance of Washington believing it knows what is best for our community is nonsense. Just because Washington passes a law does not mean Arizona taxpayers should have to pay for it… [Remember– this guy works in Washington, passing laws.]

From Gosar…

… the executive branch has blatantly and repeatedly broken laws and violated the Constitution. Some would equate such actions to tyranny– others to treason..

Lengthy statements from the Goldwater Institute and the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity include non-specific references to bad laws passed by Congress and calls for keeping taxpayer money at home. (Oh, yeah, the Arizona Legislature has a great track record on tax fairness and funding programs that will help the state grow and benefit the people. NOT.)

Don’t Buy the Lie

To say that the ads and signs promoting Prop 122 are misleading is a gross understatement. The proposition is not about “keeping tax dollars at home,” or “stopping federal overreach”, or fixing Arizona’s failed Child Protective Services (CPS). (The CPS crisis, which allowed the cases of hundreds of children to go uninvestigated– is the product of the Arizona Legislature’s budget cuts and Governor Jan Brewer’s mismanagement.) Prop 122 and Prop 303 are about denial of the power of the federal government. (Prop 303 would undermine the Food and Drug Administration’s authority to make sure drugs are tested and safe before distribution.)

Look at who’s backing 122– Arpaio, Pearce, Paton, Adams, the Goldwater Institute, the Koch Brothers, and people taking money from the Koch Brothers (like Ducey, Brnovich, and miscellaneous Tea Party Legislators and Congressman). When has that bunch ever done anything to support regular Arizonans?  They’re about cementing power and lining their own pockets.

Prop 122 would bring chaos and waste millions of taxpayer dollars fighting court battles with the federal government. Tea Party pundits nationwide are dancing with glee about Arizona’s nullification proposition, which would cement our standing as the meth lab of democracy.

The Arizona Republican Party–led by dark money king Robert Graham and until recently doubly-disgraced racist Pearce– is all in for nullification. Their state committee passed a nullification resolution back in January 2014. Prop 122 is about giving themselves more power and fighting for their wrong-headed, separatist ideology, regardless of the cost to Arizonans.

Vote NO on Props 122 and 303. And vote against the candidates who support it: Doug Ducey, Mark Brnovich, Paul Gosar, David Schweikert, and the rest.

They’re all too extreme for Arizona and #Bad4AZ.

Doug Ducey


  1. Vince Leach, one of the GOP candidates for LD 11 state representative, has a Prop 122 sign in his front yard in SaddleBrooke. He is EXACTLY the kind o f tea party fanatic Arizona doesn’t need. He and his running mates, (Steve Smith and Mark Finchem) both not only tout they are endorsed by Sheriffs Arpaio and Babeu, they even brag about it on their signs. Remember voters of Arizona: if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. Vote FOR LD 11 and FOR Arizona — vote for Jo Holt and Holly Lyon!

  2. You are correct: these Neo-Confederate dead-enders who continuously push the long discredited theories of “nullification, interposition and secession” from the federal government are insurrectionists — they are in violation of their oath of office to defend the U.S. Constitution. The violation of their oath of office and insurrection against the U.S. government disqualifies them from holding public office (an expansive reading of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment).

  3. Actually, supporting this dangerous and costly nonsense should IMMEDIATELY disqualify any one of these yahoos from holding ANY office in govt. Full stop.

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