Quick, pass a bill banning Scottish discrimination in schools!

by David Safier
We clearly have a problem here. A student was openly and blatantly discriminated against for wearing Scottish apparel at school. We need legislation to make sure it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!!

Let me thoroughly document the atrocity. Gavin McFarland wore a kilt to school and was asked to change his clothes by the principal.

OK, so the principal apologized to the student. And this happened in Utah. The same thing could happen right here in Arizona, and we need a law to protect against it, even though there are already laws to protect against it and the principal admitted he made a mistake. We need legislation against anti-Scottish discrimination in our schools, now! A mistake like that must NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

After all, we have pending legislation in Arizona to ban religious discrimination in schools, because a student was told she couldn't carry a binder in school with a picture of Christ on the cross. OK, so the principal apologized, because the law already says he was wrong to restrict a student's personal religious expression, and the student now carries her notebook with pride and without restrictions. Still, we need to pass a new law to make sure that kind of mistake NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!!.

If we need a Religious Expression in Schools law, I'm all for a Scottish Expression in Schools law as well. It's only fair.

0 responses to “Quick, pass a bill banning Scottish discrimination in schools!

  1. Just wait until the first WICCAN, Satanist, (or even Muslim) comes into school carrying a notebook with Anton LaVey or Lucifer himself (or even the Ayatollah)on the cover. Then religious freedom of OTHERS won’t matter so much.

  2. Don’t we already have a law on the books that addresses situations like these called the First Amendment?