Quote of the day


by David Safier

Asked about the concerns that Brewer's Performance Funding model rewards schools with high income students and punishes students with low income students, Dale Frost, Brewer’s education policy adviser, said,

“Are they completely unfounded concerns? No. But are they blown way out of proportion? Yes.”

Translation: Sure it rewards the winners and punishes the losers, but only a little.

Ex-Intel CEO and conservative "education reformer" Craig Barrett seconds Frost's "No big deal" attitude:

“It’s easy to craft lot of emotion about of this,” he said. “But it’s still a small percentage of the budget.”

This question is so obvious I shouldn't bother to ask it, but I'll ask it anyway. Why create a program that only hurts the poor and helps the rich a little bit? Why not create something that gives an extra boost to students who need it most?


  1. Perhaps the answer is this: Gov. Brewer’s “Performance Funding” model will appeal to upper income Republican & Independent voters who care about public education & who might be tempted to vote Democratic. Their upper-income school districts will receive extra funding which will strengthen the allegiance of those upper-income voters to the GOP.