Rally for Science on April 15


Hope your 2017 taxes for done, so you can show up on April 15 (tax day) at Reid Park to rally for science. Odd world in 2018 that people have to rally for something that is all around us in our daily lives, and a valuable disciple for most everything we do.

“KEYNOTE SPEAKER: BRIAN GREENE!!! (Brian Greene is Professor of Physics & Math at Columbia, & one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists).

Interactive science booths, spectacular speakers, exciting demos, food trucks, more room, better space, and…BETTER PARKING!! That’s right, March for Science Southern Arizona is having its 2nd annual Rally for Science at Reid Park’s DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center on Sunday, April 15, from 9am-12pm.

This event is FREE and open to the public!

WE WANT YOUR INTERACTIVE BOOTH EXHIBITS, SPEAKERS, and STAGE-WORTHY DEMOS! If you’d like to participate in this way, please email Monica Kothe (monicakothe@gmail.com).

We also need VOLUNTEERS! If you’d like to help out, email us at: helpmarchforsciencesaz@gmail.com.”

UPDATE:  map of booths, food trucks, etc. at Reid Park


  1. About 150 people at this rally to hear Dr. Greene speak about the “curiosity of science, not just a subject left in school”. He said that we all need the temerity to go into the unknown w/ gusto. Most of the lecture was about Albert Einstein questioning How does force of gravity work? (despite Newton), and the discovery of space & time warp & curve, for gravitational waves. Yet Einstein could not find answer to his Unified Theory, nor of String Theory trying to find new dimensions of space. Dr. Greene even mentioned parallel universes, to look further on how the world is put together. He wrapped up by saying that science is indispensable, transends all life on Earth. Candidates Domingo DeGrazia (LD 10 House) and Yahya Yuksel (CD 2) present today talking to people at this rally. Several interesting booths about marijuana, dry ice, solar, 500 Women in Science, drones, buffel grass — till 12 noon.

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