Andy Biggs is another walking reason that many members of the former Party of Lincoln do not deserve to be entrusted with the public service positions they currently hold.

While not mentioned in Cassidy Hutchinson’s riveting live testimony (could not believe she was just 25) before the January 6, 2021 select committee hearing, her prior testimony on video recounts the Arizona House Representative and other prominent members of the Trump Alt Reality sphere (Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, Scott Perry, Louie Gohmert) asking for a pardon from the President for their role in the planning of the domestic terrorist-insurrectionist attack on the Nation’s Capitol.


Mr. Biggs, responding to Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony, promptly denied it and claimed her testimony had been edited to benefit the January 6, 2021 Committee.

The two people running to unseat Mr. Biggs in the November elections responded to the latest revelations about him asking for a pardon.

Democrat Javier Ramos commented:

“Congressman Biggs requested a Presidential Pardon for his actions surrounding the ill-fated attempt to stop a duly elected President from taking office, according to White House insiders.

Presidential Pardons are reserved for criminals who have been convicted of federal crimes.

Mr. Biggs is no stranger to criminal law as it turns out he was a prosecutor for the City of Phoenix. Mr. Biggs also called upon Mr. Trump to pardon the criminally convicted Mr. Arpaio, the disgraced formal County sheriff.

Did Mr. Biggs commit a federal crime? Mr. Biggs surely was worried enough to ask for a pardon.

What Mr. Biggs missed in his equation was that Mr. Trump only cares about himself. If Mr. Trump could not give himself a pardon no one else would get one. SOL.”

Independent Clint Smith posted:

When voters go to the voting booth on November 8, 2022, they should ask themselves the below question.

Do you believe Mr. Biggs who has demonstrated time and again his aversion to reality and truth or Ms. Hutchinson, the 25 year old former Meadows/Trump aide who worked a hop, skip, and jump from the Oval Office and has no apparent reason to lie?

This should not be hard for voters to decide.