Randy Parraz at Northside Democrats

by David Safier

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 3.19.23 PMI went to the Northside Democrats' lunch with Randy Parraz, who is busy working on the Arpaio recall. Parraz was his usual energized self, talking about doing the impossible. Of course, he and his allies did the impossible once before by recalling Russell Pearce, so you gotta believe it's possible once again.

Parraz is a shrewd strategist and a hard-nosed realist. He looks at the facts on the ground, decides what he wants to get done, then figures out the best way to do it. Right now, the group has a May 30 deadline to collect enough signatures to recall Arpaio and force and election. It will take a whole lot of shoe leather to make it happen.

Go to the Respect Arizona/Recall Arpaio website to find out how non-Maricopa residents (and Maricopa residents, of course) can get involved, either by contributing time or money. Best case scenario: Arpaio is recalled, making Arizona a better place while energizing and empowering Democrats and sensible Independents. Worst case scenario: The campaign registers lots of new Democrats who will help us in future elections. It's a win-win situation.

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