The Impeachment Inquiry Hearings has presented an opportunity for members of the Former Party of Lincoln to spew their perceived greatest debunked talking point hits and invent new false ones.

Among these bogus claims advanced by the Republican committee members are:

  • The 2016 Popular Vote Loser was elected by the people.
  • The 2016 Popular Vote Loser won an electoral college landslide.
  • Democrats are seeking to overturn the results of the 2016 election. I guess that was not a concern in 1999 when Republicans impeached Bill Clinton.
  • Barack Obama’s aide to Ukraine consisted of just “blankets.”
  • Ukrainian Individuals, in conjunction with Democrats, interfered with the 2016 election.
  • Joe Biden wanted the Ukranian Prosecutor fired so he can protect his son who was a member of the Board on Burisma.
  • Democrats in the House are spending their time investigating the President and not governing.
  • The Impeachment process has been secretive and not fair to the Republicans.
  • The Mueller Investigation, started by a Trump-appointed Deputy Attorney General, found the President did nothing.
  • The July 25 phone call contained no Quid Pro Quo


They have all been refuted by various non-fake news organizations like CNN, Bloomberg, Fact, Politifact, and inquiry witnesses like Fiona Hill at this morning’s hearings (please click on her opening statement here.) Ambassador Volkers’s defense of Vice President Biden was especially touching.

Republicans are not doing anyone any favors or serving the country by subscribing to the Hitler practice of telling BIG lies time and time again so people will eventually accept them as fact.

It is dangerous and divisive for the nation to perpetuate these false narratives to the American People in order to protect their Demagogue and preserve power in the Oval Office.

Thankfully most people in the nation do not believe the fecal matter coming from the Reactionaries on the Republican side.

Unfortunately, some of our most uninformed and vulnerable citizens do believe these big lies and shame on those Republicans on the Impeachment Inquiry for further polarizing our country.

Featured Image from The New York Times