“Read the Dirt” Kickstarter project


by David Safier

Simon Davis-Cohen, the son of a good friend in Portland, is the editor of an online blog/magazine Read the Dirt, an extension of his work with "Growing Washington," which according to its website, "focuses on projects that are self-sustaining, non-discriminatory, community building, and fun." Simon works on one of the organization's organic farms. Read the Dirt has posts written by contributors from academia, the environmental movement and others knowledgeable about and interested in topics revolving around the environment and sustainability. It looks to me like a valuable resource, bringing information and opinions from a variety of sources together in one location.

Simon has put together a Kickstarter pledge page to expand the blog's Community Rights section. A video on the page explains the project he wants to fund. He's set a $3,000 goal and has received pledges of $805. The way Kickstarter works, the pledges only become activated when the project reaches its goal, so no one pays unless the pledges reach $3,000.