“ReGeneration: The Tucson Story” a virtual play by Jana Segal-Stormont

“ReGeneration: The Tucson Story” by Jana Segal-Stormont is about a diverse group of teens who overlook their cultural differences and bring their communities together to save Tucson as climate change progresses. The virtual play reading is being put on by a diverse group of young people inspired to share sustainability solutions like rainwater harvesting and regenerative gardening! In addition to the teen cast members who serve as the production team and spokespeople, art students from Sky Island High School are helping out by painting the settings that open each scene. This free premiere event, including a panel discussion with young cast members and the writer/director, will be presented Friday, February 26 at 6:30 p.m. on Youtube live.


In Tucson’s not-so-distant future where climate change takes a turn for the worst, where even native Sonoran plants can’t stand the desert heat, a blackout causes a disruption in the already diminished water and food supply. It’s up to the youth to find a way to escape their scorching hot fate. Can Rogelio, a barrio teen grappling with family issues, alongside of Ha:san, a Tohono O’odham teen struggling to balance traditional ways with city life, and Alex, a runaway non-binary science whiz, bring their communities together to fix this mess before it’s too late?

Check the website for information. http://regenerationtucsonstory.com