Republican Hypocrisy Abounds in the Failed Censure of Adam Schiff.


Last week, the Republicans in the House of Representatives failed to gain a majority on an attempt to censure Intelligence Committee Chairperson Adam Schiff on his insightful comments (parody) about Mr. Trump’s July 25 phone conversation with the Ukrainian President and his handling of the impeachment inquiry.

This measure was voted down on a party-line vote. Following the vote, Mr. Schiff tweeted that:

“It will be said of House Republicans,

When they found they lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous and unethical president in American history,

They consoled themselves by attacking those who did.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented that:

“What the Republicans fear most is the truth. The President betrayed the oath of office, our national security and the integrity of our elections, and the GOP has not even tried to deny the facts. Instead, Republicans stage confusion, undermine the Constitution and attack the person of whom the President is most afraid.”

 Republican hypocrisy concerning Mr. Schiff abounds.

Whereas Republicans wanted public hearings for the impeachment inquiry into Mr. Trump’s conduct, the members of the Party of Lincoln went straight to a censure motion without any public hearings in the matter of Mr. Schiff.

Whereas Republicans called for witnesses to testify publicly supporting Mr. Trump’s position, no such consideration was afforded to Mr. Schiff.

Whereas most Republicans have repeatedly defended Mr. Trump and his over 13,000 false statements and his acts unbecoming a President, they had no compunction about rushing to a censure motion for Mr. Schiff’s one parody and his legitimate handling of the impeachment inquiry along with two other committee chairpersons, and ranking Republican members, behind closed doors.

Democratic candidates running for the seats occupied by Representatives Debbie Lesko, Andy Biggs, and David Schweikert, offered their views on the Republican hypocrisy.

Democratic Congressional District Five Candidate Joan Greene

 “Rather than focusing on issues that are important to Andy Biggs’ constituents in Arizona like healthcare and climate change, Mr. Biggs has spent the last three weeks obstructing the lawful impeachment process by unsuccessfully trying to censure Rep. Adam Schiff and now causing a securing risk by breaking into a sensitive meeting with cell phones, which is a violation of House rules.”

“If we take a closer look at the Representative from District 5 we can conclude he will do anything to protect the President while he leaves our Nation vulnerable to attack from our foreign adversaries”

Democratic Congressional District Six Candidate Stephanie Rimmer

 “Congressional Republicans who are running interference for this president are going to have to answer to history.”

“We need to demand dignity and integrity from our representatives.”

“The dramatic antics of this administration do not negate what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears.”

Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato

 “What we are witnessing right now by members of our government such as my opponent Debbie Lesko, is a concerted and strategic effort to dismantle the American people’s trust of our government on behalf of the President of the United States. Make no mistake about it, the American Republic is under attack by domestic enemies.”

 “My opponent and other members of our Congress have gone on television to blatantly and purposefully lie to the American people. They have claimed Democrats are moving forward with proceedings “in secret” knowing full well there are 48 Republicans on those committees with the full ability to listen AND ask questions. Their latest attempts to obstruct, deflect, and distract from our process of checks and balances is the censuring of Adam Schiff. This attempt to publicly condemn a member of Congress who is following the processes, rules, and laws is an embarrassment and should be alarming to all Americans.”

 “Members of Congress and government along with the DOJ have refused to testify, refused to turn over documents, and worked diligently to prevent others from doing the same when called upon by our committees. Adam Schiff has led our Congress in an effort to remain lawful, steadfast, and resolute in gathering information which can give all of us answers to important questions regarding behavior, decisions, and connections. The GOP claims have continued to be proven amateur, false, and lawless. Rulings by our federal judges and supreme courts have continued to disprove each and every attempt to evade the law. The most recent ruling using the term “estopped” in reference to these shenanigans.”

 “When all is said and done, we as the American people must note that the election November 2020 is not just about values, not just about policy, the upcoming election isn’t just a referendum on Donald Trump. The 2020 election is about removing domestic enemies from within our government and replacing them with people who will stand FOR our constitution rather than work to destroy it.”

 Democratic Congressional District Eight Candidate Bob Musselwhite

 “The censure motion and the idea of crashing a closed-door meeting are both sophomoric arrogant attempts to ignore rules when these groups are not getting their way.  These actions are very unprofessional and show a profound misunderstanding of the Constitution and the purpose of the U. S. House of Representatives plus the continual placement of party ahead of country.”

“The words Conservative and Liberal are both honorable words. Conservatives should not be applied to this crowd.  They are actually reactionary because there is no real thought behind their actions and no vision beyond their own self-interest.”

“I noticed our representative from CD-8 Debbie Lesko was one of the door crashers.”

Republicans, as other articles have relayed, have been active participants in the closed impeachment inquiry sessions. They and their counsel have been able to question witnesses with no hindrances thrown in their direction.

It is time for the Republicans, now that the Democrats are moving to formalize the impeachment process as it moves towards its public phase, to stop these juvenile stunts and allow the impeachment process, for the good of the country, to be completed.