1. They sure as heck know some of the most affluent and connected people in the State are getting taxpayer subsidies to send their kids to private religious schools. And as the stories tell, the affluent are using them much more than the straw party poor, or handicapped or Natives, or veterans they trot out. They don’t want YOU to know this however. My transparent hypocrisy is some one else’s privacy.

    • Vouchers for religious schools are just bribes for votes for Republicans who want to destroy the teachers unions for voting Dem.

      I hire tech people who get six figure salaries plus great benefits.

      If I see a religious school on a resume, I cannot hire that person.

      You can’t be in tech and think the earth is 6,000 years old or that Jesus had a pet dinosaur.

      It’s not discriminating against Christians or any other faith, it’s just that computers are all math and science, and I can’t hire someone who doesn’t believe in math and science.

      And I don’t ever want to be woke up at three in the morning and told that the internet is down because God is mad at America for gay weddings.

  2. Maybe there shouldnt be privacy in the voucher program. Taxpayers should see who is getting public money and what they are spending it on. After all Republican legislators are always whining about “transparency”, but only very selectively.

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