Republican Senators who Stalled on COVID Relief for Their Constituents Cut in Line to get a CoronavirusVaccine

What self-centered and self-serving low lives.

That describes any number of Republican Senators who, after months of stringing along the American People on needed COVID 19 relief and enabling science denialism with Donald Trump, decided to cut in line in front of vital health care workers and elderly patients to receive a Coronavirus vaccine.

Ana Navarro, a conservative contributor to CNN commented that Republican Senators who engaged in denying the American People needed assistance and blatant hypocrisy like Florida’s  Maro Rubio (please click here to watch,) should not have been allowed to cut in line to receive a vaccine.

The same goes for Iowa Senator Joni Ernst who once suggested doctors were inflating COVID 19 numbers to make more money, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham who refused to take a Coronavirus test before a debate against Jamie Harrison, and, of course, the person who stalled for close to seven months on the latest phase of pandemic relief, Enemy of the People and Political Prince of Darkness Mitch McConnell.

It is not just Democrats who feel these Republican Senators have used their position to cut in line of more deserving people to receive a vaccine.

New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu tweeted that it was “ridiculous” that members of Congress who were doing nothing were getting vaccinated, commenting “since when is doing nothing an essential function.”

He also said:

“Every single one of those vials that’s being used for a congressman or a senator that has been doing nothing, that hasn’t been on the front lines, is another vial of vaccine that isn’t going to a nurse or a resident in a long-term care facility,”

Another Republican Congressman, Chris Jacobs of New York, said he would wait to get a vaccine after more health care and vulnerable workers received theirs first.

While it is prudent that Congressional leadership (including unfortunately the Republican enablers and obstructionists like McConnell and McCarthy) and older members receive the vaccine to ensure a continuity of government, other younger or non-leadership Senators who willingly stalled COVID relief for the American People, promoted not wearing masks at large rallies was okay, and said the end is just around the corner should not have been allowed to receive a vaccination ahead of the elderly patient languishing in a nursing home not allowed to see family or friends or the health care worker laboring long hours endeavoring to treat people in surging ICU wards.

What do the voters in Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, and South Carolina see in these people?

Hopefully, their constituents and their political opponents will remember the self-serving low-life behavior these Trump Zone-Fox Island hypocrites have displayed the last several days.

Hopefully. But I am not holding my breath.


2 thoughts on “Republican Senators who Stalled on COVID Relief for Their Constituents Cut in Line to get a CoronavirusVaccine”

  1. Aren’t these the same people who killed stem cell research as they’re pro-life? The stem cells that were used to help produce the vaccines? Just goes to show that those who opposed life saving stem cell research think nothing of shoving their way to the front of the line to receive the research’s benefits.

    • No Trump supporter should be allowed to get the vaccine until everyone else and my two dogs get theirs.

      And I really don’t care how many COVID deniers die waiting. The last four plus years of these people has drained every last drop of sympathy from me.

      How is it possible that after the last four plus years the GOP is still able to be this infuriating?

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