Republican women can be angry too

by David Safier

I apologize if anyone was offended by what they may have construed as sexism in my Angry Republican men post last night. (Notice how I apologized without apologizing? I'm learning a few things from Republicans.) Republican women can be angry too. Apparently, Sen. Pam Gorman (R, LD-6) can hold her own with any man in the legislature.

According to the Arizona Guardian, Gorman was against restoring the DES money, and she was lobbying other legislators hard to kill the bill. Senate President Bob Burns, who supported the bill, was not amused. The result was "a huge blow up between Gorman and Burns where both were red-faced and screaming in the president's office."

As a result, Gorman voted for the bill, saying she wanted to support the Republican caucus.

It sounds like she caved, but in this case, it's understandable. From the Guardian: "Does she not know his [Burn's] nickname these days is Blackheart?"

UPDATE: Follow-up from Guardian Angel on the Arizona Guardian website: 

"Some Senate Republicans were mulling the possible removal of GOP whip Pam Gorman on Friday, a day after a blow-up between Senate President Bob Burns and Gorman about the latest budget fix nearly cost Gorman her position.

"The true strength of the movement could not be ascertained on Friday, but some members told the Guardian that a vote of no confidence could be called as soon as Tuesday."

Sounds like even Lara Croft better not mess with Blackheart.

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  1. If that’s your image of an angry Republican women, I’ll take it!!!

    It looks a hell of a lot better than an angry Democrat woman: