The Republican Party doesn’t realize what all husbands know: Women have legendary memories. We know where your socks are, and we know who our friends are.

The Party of NO— no leaders, no ideas, no morals, and no action– is not a friend of women. Since the Tea Party astroturf revolution of 2010:

  • Hundreds of bills restricting the rights of women and forcing women to have unnecessary, invasive medical procedures have been passed by red state legislatures, including Arizona’s;
  • 100% of the Republicans in the US Senate have voted against paycheck fairness for women;
  • 100% of the Arizona Republican legislators and statewide leaders– including their candidate for governor, Doug Ducey– signed a fetal personhood pledge to fight for the rights of fetuses over the rights of women;
  • 100% of Republicans in Congress and the Arizona Legislature would deny women equal rights under the US Constitution by continuing to block passage of the Equal Rights Amendment;
  • 0% of Republican candidates have announced their support for raising the minimum wage and wage discrimination against women;
  • Women and children are murdered everyday because Republicans in the US Senate– including Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake– blocked common sense gun laws proposed after the Sandy Hook Massacre;

  • Republicans have blocked or dramatically cut social safety net programs that help mothers and children– including women’s health services, food stamps, Head Start, public education, welfare, and unemployment;
  • Republicans are waging a war against the Affordable Care Act, which has provided health insurance to 12.5 million Americans, and have blocked Medicaid expansion in many Republican-controlled states;
  • Republicans fought hard to change existing anti-sex trafficking laws to facilitate sending 1000s of Central American women and children back to their violence-ridden homelands to be raped and/or murdered;
  • Republicans defend costly and discriminatory mandatory sentencing laws for victimless crimes like possession of small amounts of marijuana; these policies leave broken families and broken lives.

Women have been taking note of these wrong-doings, and on Nov. 4, it’s payback time.

Watch Kristen Schaal and Jon Stewart dissect the GOP’s insultingly stupid ads aimed at wooing young women. Vote Democrat.