Republicans Have a Problem with Women (video)


The Republican Party doesn’t realize what all husbands know: Women have legendary memories. We know where your socks are, and we know who our friends are.

The Party of NO— no leaders, no ideas, no morals, and no action– is not a friend of women. Since the Tea Party astroturf revolution of 2010:

  • Hundreds of bills restricting the rights of women and forcing women to have unnecessary, invasive medical procedures have been passed by red state legislatures, including Arizona’s;
  • 100% of the Republicans in the US Senate have voted against paycheck fairness for women;
  • 100% of the Arizona Republican legislators and statewide leaders– including their candidate for governor, Doug Ducey– signed a fetal personhood pledge to fight for the rights of fetuses over the rights of women;
  • 100% of Republicans in Congress and the Arizona Legislature would deny women equal rights under the US Constitution by continuing to block passage of the Equal Rights Amendment;
  • 0% of Republican candidates have announced their support for raising the minimum wage and wage discrimination against women;
  • Women and children are murdered everyday because Republicans in the US Senate– including Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake– blocked common sense gun laws proposed after the Sandy Hook Massacre;

  • Republicans have blocked or dramatically cut social safety net programs that help mothers and children– including women’s health services, food stamps, Head Start, public education, welfare, and unemployment;
  • Republicans are waging a war against the Affordable Care Act, which has provided health insurance to 12.5 million Americans, and have blocked Medicaid expansion in many Republican-controlled states;
  • Republicans fought hard to change existing anti-sex trafficking laws to facilitate sending 1000s of Central American women and children back to their violence-ridden homelands to be raped and/or murdered;
  • Republicans defend costly and discriminatory mandatory sentencing laws for victimless crimes like possession of small amounts of marijuana; these policies leave broken families and broken lives.

Women have been taking note of these wrong-doings, and on Nov. 4, it’s payback time.

Watch Kristen Schaal and Jon Stewart dissect the GOP’s insultingly stupid ads aimed at wooing young women. Vote Democrat.


  1. These are the same whines I heard thirty years ago, and twenty years ago, and ten years ago, and now today. It is as if women have made no progress in all that time. Despite all the laws giving advantages to women, despite the set asides favoring women, some women still need to be thought of as perpetual victims.

    Fortunately, I believe that not all, or even the majority, of women feel this way. Most recognize that they can think for themselves and are not caught up in the “I can’t do it without the government” mode of thinking. They CAN vote their self interest, and they aren’t turning on the GOP as the perpetrator of all that is wrong in their life.

    I fear you are going to be terribly disappointed on November 4th.

    • “It is as if women have made no progress in all that time. Despite all the laws giving advantages to women, despite the set asides favoring women, some women still need to be thought of as perpetual victims.”

      Don’t give me that entitlement bullshit. HUNDREDS of bills that oppress women and take away our rights have been passed by “small government” red state Legislatures since the Tea Party took over.

      The Tea Party’s goal is to secure our country for their corporate masters. Anyone who is not a straight, white, male is in trouble if they succeed.

      • You know, if you replace “women” with any ethnic or religious group in Steve’s screed it would be easy for anyone to see how disgustingly bigoted it is. But for some reason he thinks it’s just fine to characterize women the way he just did.

        • There you go again with the straw men…I was speaking of women and women only. It may be convenient to distract from what I said, but it still stands: Women are empowered; They can do what they need, or want, to do. The days of the srident feminist is long past. If nothing else, the membership rolls of NOW show it as do the rallys for NOW. Feminism isn’t really getting any younger.

      • If you set to feel oppressed, Pamela, then you will feel oppressed. Adding vulgarity to your response doesn’t strengthen it, either. Feminism achieved it’s ends and the last diehards feminists are struggling to remain relevant. This so called “war on women” has about as about substance as a wet blanket has warmth.

        I admit such legislation shows up on occasion, and when you encounter legislation that you consider anti-woman, you fight it. To assume all GOP members have an agenda against you is stupid. The proof is that the types of legislation rarely make it to law, and those that do are struck down by the courts.

        What you really seek is regimentation of thought, and that will never happen. Fight when it is justified and don’t just strike out blindly to make you feel like your out of date thinking is relevant.

    • “Most recognize that they can think for themselves and are not caught up in the “I can’t do it without the government” mode of thinking. ”

      This assumption conservatives have that women who vote Democratic (who tend to be young, single, minority) don’t work and want government handouts is the same ignorant, insulting, misogynistic, fucking bullshit I’ve been hearing for 30 years. The women you are denigrating work damn hard, pay taxes, pay insurance premiums, are fully contributing members of society and we getting more than a little tired of hearing from the likes of you that they aren’t doing any of those things. So take your tired 1980s welfare queen claptrap and stick where the sun don’t shine.

      • Stop setting up a straw man and attacking it as if I said ANY of the things you imply. Do those women you speak have the vote? Yes. They are as empowered as you or I to use use that vote as they see fit. Can they choose the Democrat Party to represent their views? Of course they can.

        By your very statement, it is YOU who assume they are powerless to help themselves with the benefit of generous people like yourself to look out for them and instruct in proper thinking and who to blame for their plight. I assume they people who can think for themselves and are capable of making up their minds about their own best interests. Between the two of us, who thinks better of them?

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