Republicans in the House of Representatives heard the call of history and hung up on it.

In a vote to formalize the next phase of the impeachment process, all the Republicans, who had complained, without much validity, that they had been shut out of the process in the closed-door depositions (Republicans and their counsel are in the room during all the withness presentations), just voted against the next stage which includes rules for public hearing, the release of transcripts from the closed-door depositions,  and due process protections for the President.


All four of Arizona’s Republican Representatives (Debbie Lesko, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, and David Schweikert) put loyalty to their Duce…Party over the Constitution and Country.

The battle between reality and alternate reality will now continue.

This is a sad day for the country.

Nobody wants to see a situation surface where the nation’s Chief Executive commits acts that warrant an impeachment inquiry.

This President has no one to blame but himself for what the House voted on today.

It is also sad because members of the Party of Lincoln, having devolved into the Cult of Trump, are ignoring the substance of the information being provided by witness after witness after witness, and are throwing their support to an individual who has repeatedly demonstrated that he lacks integrity and is not fit to occupy the office he holds.

Hopefully, when the impeachment hearings are publicly broadcast and the transcripts of the closed-door depositions are released and, in all likelihood corroborated, some Republicans who hear the call of history the next time will not hang up and do what is right for the country.


Featured Image from ABC News