Republic’s Pitzl out-reports Fischer

by David Safier

Thank you, Mary Jo Pitzl of the Republic. Her article on the power grab by Pearce and Adams over the Redistricting Commission nominees, while not everything I think it should be, at least hints at the political nature of this blatant power grab, something Howard Fischer failed to do in the two articles of his I've read. Here's Pitzl's opening sentence:

Republican lawmakers are challenging some of the early decisions of the political redistricting process – a process that was designed to exclude legislative influence.

And Pitzl, unlike Howard Fischer, includes a quote from a Democrat, albeit at the very end of the article

Democrats, meanwhile, said their Republican counterparts were wrong to meddle with the process.

"The whole intent of this process was to keep lawmakers out of it," said Rep. Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix.

If the nominating commission reconfigures its list of 25 candidates, Campbell predicted a lawsuit.

"Once that list has been released and certified, I don't think you can go back and do it over again," he said.

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  1. It is a good lede… but Mr. Campbell’s going to have to ratchet up his indignation a few notches to get anyone else in the Arizona “Capitol Press Corps” to take him seriously.