4 thoughts on “SPI Tom Horne Admits Most Students in the ESA Voucher Program Did Not Previously Attend Public Schools”

    • Nunna Urbiz :

      You seem to be a little less cynical than I am.
      I think that school vouchers exist so that GOPers can use public monies to line private pockets.

  1. The one vote legislative majority is hot on putting every nitwit idea Hobbs would veto on the ballot, but sure as heck dont have the courage to put vouchers on the ballot. And if I see the walking corpse lie thru his teeth about his job is bettered REAL public schools, while also pumping budget busting vouchers, I’m going to strangle someone. Vouchers dont need reform, they need to be ABOLISHED.

  2. Absolutely correct! Every time I see one of those Horne commercials touting the ESA program I want to throw my shoe at him or something. Arizona needs budget reform. No more tax cuts for the wealthy. Republicans seem to wonder why Arizona has a severe teacher shortage, they need to look no further than the way they deliberately hamstring public schools in favor of helping the rich send their kids to private schools or on ski trips.

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