Results of Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election (PPE)- updated

Arizona Sec. of State Adrian Fontes has released the preliminary results of today’s PPE:

Democrat President Joe Biden has won in Arizona (89.53%), and so has Republican former President Donald Trump (77.9%) in their respective, closed primaries.. There were 9 Republicans on the ballot, most of whom had dropped out. Nikki Haley came in second (18.7%) in the Republican primary (though she has withdrawn from the race). And of 7 candidates on the Dem ballot, Marianne Williamson came in second at 3.54% (and has “unsuspended” her campaign).

Voter turnout statewide is only 37.08% at this time. There are 2,636,948 registered voters in Arizona.

Will be updating this post as ballots come in from the 15 counties.

The General Election for US President is on Nov. 5, 2024. Vote wisely.

6 thoughts on “Results of Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election (PPE)- updated”

  1. Even more interesting and disturbing, if true, is that the average voter age was 65.

    • Well, there’s nothing to vote on when the Biden v Trump rematch is a done deal.

      But I believe the general election will have good turnout in AZ across demographic groups. With so many problems in this country, everyone is a stakeholder in one or another. And, AZ’s Senate race is already a nationwide favorite race to watch.

      Lots of folks are going to show up.

      • The voter turnout for the AZ PPE was only 39.14%. Expect a lot more for the General Election being as this is a US Presidential Election year. You are right that the US Senate race between Democrat Congressman Ruben Gallego and the Republican primary winner (Kari Lake or Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb) will draw a lot of attention and voters.

    • OT Senator but the question needs to be asked. When your fellow Senator Eva Burch was on the floor talking about all the hoops she has to jump through to get an abortion after finding out her pregnancy was not viable, hoops you and your ilk gleefully put in place, were you one of the Senators who bravely fled the room so you wouldn’t have to hear the real life consequences of your actions? Or were you leading the fleeing?

      I’m sure everyone here would love to hear your “good faith” answer to the question.

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