Ron Barber gets an assist on Right Talk Radio re: Martha McSally’s false claims about the A-10


a-10_2I have posted about Martha McSally’s false claims about the A-10 and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in the past, in which the local A-10 community sides with Congressman Ron Barber on the right talk radio show of James T. Harris. Left and Right agree: Martha McSally is a fraudulent candidate.

Another A-10 pilot recently lambasted Martha McSally’s false claims about Ron Barber and the a-10 on the James T. Harris Show. From the press release of the Ron Barber for Congress campaign:

ICYMI 104.1’s James T. Harris and Lt. Col. Tom Norris (Ret) Call Out McSally for Not Being Honest with Southern Arizona

Tucson, AZ — On Friday, 104.1’s James T. Harris invited former A-10 pilot Lt. Col. Tom Norris (Ret.) on his show to discuss the latest of Martha McSally’s false attacks on Ron Barber. Lt. Col. Tom Norris is well-respected in the A-10 community and he served with McSally in the U.S. Air Force.

During the interview, Lt. Col. Norris pointed to the Arizona Daily Star’s fact check, which found McSally’s claim that Ron Barber skipped out on a hearing to be untrue. He said, “There’s a lot of holes in what she’s saying, and factually, it’s not truthful information.”

When asked about McSally’s claims that Ron Barber was late to act on the A-10, Lt. Col. Norris said, “That is not even close to being true. Our team has been heavily engaged with Representative Barber and his staff, long before you [James T. Harris] or anyone else knew this was going on.”

Lt. Col. Norris went on to describe the bipartisan efforts of Ron Barber and Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte to keep the A-10 flying.

James T. Harris criticized McSally and her Washington operators for trying to uphold her false claims: “I’m seeing how Col. Allen West is playing a role. I’m hearing from the RNC — all of this big machine to prop up this myth has really just — it’s just ticking me off.”

Lt. Col. Norris agreed, “I wish I could say that my experience with Ms. McSally was something different that what you and the voters are seeing. Unfortunately, and with all due respect, in my opinion, she is an opportunist. She is not truthful.” Lt. Col. Norris went on to characterize McSally as arrogant and brash before stating simply, “I cannot vote for her.”

To listen to the interview in its entirety, click here.




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    Ron Barber squats when he pees.

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