Rosemont Mine, Jaguars and “Cyanide Beach”


by David Safier

1356044565-jaguar_2012-10-25The Canadian corporation behind Rosemont Mine, Augusta Resource, got a new infusion of money recently to keep pushing for the stalled project. The corporation hopes to wait out the opposition,but locals fighting the mine don't seem to be tiring. And a new member of the opposition just showed up: a jaguar.

A camera with a motion detector took this amazing photo and others like it in the Santa Rita Mountains in October. Jim Nintzel asks on The Range, Does Jaguar Photo Doom Rosemont Mine? That sleek cat is certainly going to complicate the mine's already shaky claims it won't harm the environment or the animal habitat.

Adding to the evidence against the mine is the illuminating 24 minute film, "Cyanide Beach" created by investigative reporter John Dougherty. It was just put on youtube last week after being shown at The Loft and events around Southern Arizona. The Augusta Resource folks claim to have no track record that indicates they might despoil the environment, but Dougherty documents the devastation caused by a mine in Sicily that was created by many of the same people involved in Augusta Resource. You can watch the video below the fold.