Gallego Campaign Unleashes New Ad Reminding Voters of Kari Lake’s “Great” Abortion Ban

From Gallego for Arizona Social Media.

There is nothing like having a multiple-million-dollar campaign war chest.

Just think of the riveting political ads showing the flaws and failings of one’s opponent that such lush campaign resources could produce from now until election day.

The Gallego for Arizona Campaign is in that position today.

It is showing its political muscles by releasing a new ad, called “Kari Lake’s Great Law,” reminding voters that likely Republican Senate Candidate Kari Lake had a far more appreciative view of the 1864 Arizona Territorial ban on abortion up until last week when the State Supreme Court reaffirmation of that Civil War era measure caused squeamish Republicans like Lake and others in battleground races to backpedal and find flexibility on reproductive freedom before the great majority of Arizonans vote this November.

The message from the Gallego for America Campaign:

Do not trust this political road to Damascus moment coming from Ms. Lake. What she is doing, in backtracking from her previous comments, that the ad demonstrates are many, is pandering to the political center so she can stop the exodus of those voters to the Gallego camp.

Do not fall for it.

The Kari Lake who called abortion “the ultimate sin,” supported the overturning of Roe v Wade, bragged about abortion clinics “being closed,” and called the 1864 Civil War era measure “great law” is the real Kari Lake.

Voters need to remember that when going to the polls this November.

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  1. Just so I’m not accused of hammering too much on the “other” GQPer, how about I hammer on KKKrazy KKKari Loser Lake. The GQP_GOP is the Party of No as in No Policies, No Programs, No Principles and No Pride. This woman is an embarrassment to humanity.

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