Rule-of-Law Russ recall drive getting more coverage

by David Safier

I've read about the drive to recall Russell Pearce in the East Valley Trib, the Phoenix New Times, the Yuma Sun and KSAZ Phoenix, and now on Tucson's KGUN. But still nothing from the Star.

NOW THIS IS INTERESTING: The Star website has a short AP story about a Recall Jan Brewer petition drive. First I've heard about it.

A Chandler woman listed as the applicant on papers filed on behalf of the Committee to Recall Arizona Governor Jan Brewer didn't immediately return a call for comment from The Associated Press.

This story is about a currently unnamed Chandler woman who filed recall papers but so far hasn't made a public comment. The Recall Pearce petition was started by DeeDee Blase, a fairly high profile woman connected with Somos Republicans. Yet the brand new, detail-free Brewer story is up at the Star, and the day old, detail-rich Pearce story is missing. Strange. Very strange.

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    This needs a lot of help. Volunteers, organizations, etc. Grassroots.


  2. Thanks, we are on the same page. I hope most Arizonans are too.
    I am unclear about the rules for recalling Pierce, it is my understanding that a recall effort
    of an elected body happens within the elected district.Pierces action does affect the State,
    I am unclear wether only his district can vote him out. Successful recall would then go to
    a ballot, sothe State then would be able to vote on it, but the recall signatures would be in
    his district. I need to clarify before celebrating.



  3. I agree with you that the recall of Brewer should be open for the state to sign. MY feelings are the same about Pearce. They are elected to serve the entire state, so the entire state needs to have a say in the matter. The argument against them needs to be laid out very clearly. I found this explanation of Brewer’s recall This clearly shows why those involved have decided on this petition to recall the Gov. Anyone with half a brain can clearly see that her motives for the state are NOT in serving the people of Arizona that she has sworn to protect.The fact is, that there have been suggestions from a Republican lawmaker in another state, who was outraged about the denial of the funds to transplant patients and came up with 26 ways to allow those patients transplants and still fix the budget without cutting vital services to those in this state that are most in need. She has declined to entertain his ideas, opting instead to continue her personal death panels,thereby breaking the law. (Prop 204)Pearce clearly has an evil myopic agenda…and the same thing needs to happen to him. Even the Sec. of State is very worried about the types of bills that are being presented by the Republicans in this Legislature, and HE’S a Republican!The people of AZ need to wake up and take this state back from the ignorant, self serving politicans that currently run this state government. The mere fact that they are Republican isn’t good enough…they need to be held accountable for their actions, and they need to serve ALL Arizonans, not their special agendas.I totally agree with you about Utah…really?? They need to mind their own business. Since when is it ok for another state to stick its nose in the business of another? That’s why all these teaparty/Republicans are such hypocrites…smaller govt. my dying ass. They don’t want SMALLER GOVT. they want NO GOVT!We need to get this out there and make the people of AZ realize what’s at stake…my two and a half cents:) Thanks for the inciteful comment…I agree.

  4. Let’s all stay on top of the Brewer recall, it should be open for the state to sign. Hoping it makes it here in Tucson, or volunteers are needed to collect signatures.
    If the media will not cover this then we need to seek it out and support.
    Why is Utah getting involved in the (bogus) recall of Sheriff Dupnik.
    Another example of the weak local Tea Party/Tea-publicans not getting local support. FAUX NEWS, UTAH needs to stay out of our politics. We can handle our own.
    Also heard the Tea-publicans are trying to force an issue regarding Congresswoman Giffords seat (claiming she cannot fulfill her duties), this needs to be stopped in it’s tracks.