Rupert Murdoch: “When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons?”


by David Safier

I guess Rupert Murdoch's stand on gun control isn't really news, but it's news to me. Here's his tweet yesterday.

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 8.33.39 AM

"Oz," by the way, refers to Australia, where gun control legislation was passed after what is known as the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996 when a number of people were killed and injured in a tourist area.

This kind of public statement isn't new for Murdoch. After the Aurora shootings, he tweeted, "We have to do something about gun controls."

Coalitions on reasonable gun regulation are possible, I hope. We found out this election that Republican politicians' bellicose pronouncements on a number of economic and social issues didn't mean the country agreed with them. We know based on recent polling that the absolutist pronouncements of the NRA are counter to the ideas of the majority of Americans.

If not now, when?


  1. He’s referring to semi-auto weapons in addition to full-auto weapons, Jim (they can be collectively referred to as “automatics”).

    In Australia, the Port Arthur Massacre resulted in new laws completely banning all semi-auto rifles from use by civilian hunters and target shooters, and self-defence was no longer considered a legitimate reason for gun ownership.

  2. You already have your wish. Automatic weapons are illegal and cannot be owned by ordinary citizens. So we don’t need any further gun control.

  3. As a Republican Veteran I say whenever Fox News employee or owner of any kind speaks, just take it as another sell out of the Cosntitution, our people, and our country. Especially Ruppert “stealing cell phone messages from dead teen girls” Murdoch.

    Remember, when Fox News, RNC, PNAC Lobbyist speak, it always so thier Lobbyist controllers can continue to profit off the citizens of America. Remember, it was Fox News’s own Sean Hannity that called the military “stupid and ignorant” in 2008, and yes, the same “news” channel that put BigBird over the Military March on Presidents day.