Samuel L Jackson, the bad mother f—er with a lightsaber, stars in a recent Biden/Harris ad encouraging voters to turn out and vote.


Called “Same Old,” the ad starts with the recounting of the history and forms of voter suppression over the last century with the examples of the poll tax, literacy test, racial terrorism, and violence.

Jackson then says today’s environment is:

“New day, same old dirty tricks.”

The ad then has former President Obama calling attention to Republicans (like Trump and McConnell) efforts to suppress the vote across the country.

Jackson then says:

“If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to take it from you.”

He then concludes with:

“Vote early. Vote like your life depends on it. I’m exercising my right to vote and you should too. Not because I want you to but because he (Trump) doesn’t.”


Get out and Vote on or before November 3. 2020.

Please remember:

  • The General Election Day is on November 3. 2020. Please see the below graphic for all-important voting dates. 
  • Please check your voter registration at vote.
  • Register/sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) in Arizona or any state that allows early or absentee balloting and mail. Arizona residents can sign up at vote
  • Arizona residents, mail your General Election ballot by October 27, 2020, for the November 3, 2020 election. With recent issues with the Post Office, you should consider mailing them out by October 23, 2020, if not earlier. 
  • Check-in with the Secretary of State’s office where you live to verify your mail-in ballot was received, processed, verified, and counted.
  • Know the voter ID requirements in your state.
  • If you can, support Clean Election Candidates with a small contribution.
  • Also, please remember to stay informed on all the candidates and vote for all the offices on the ballot.
  • Also, remember to research all the ballot initiatives, sign to get them on the ballot if you support the measure, and vote on them as well.