Save Our Schools Arizona Exposes the Harm Project 2025 Would Do To Public Schools

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Beth Lewis and the team at Save Our Schools Arizona have released a blog post that catalogs what would happen to public education in Arizona and across the United States if Convicted Traitor and Sexual Assaulter Donald Trump manages to come back to the White House and implement the provisions contained in the MAGA-Heritage Foundation Mein Kampf/Handmaids Tale Manual, Project 2025.

Please click here to read Ms. Lewis blog post.

Save Our Schools Executive Director Beth Lewis

In her introductory passage, Ms. Lewis wrote:

“Project 2025’s “Mandate for Leadership” is a 900+ page policy playbook authored by extremists (including former Trump officials) that provides a dangerous vision for our nation — and a detailed road map to implement it immediately upon the inauguration of a new, authoritarian president. Within these 900 pages are sweeping changes to K-12 schools that will fundamentally undermine and dismantle public schools as the centerpiece of American Democracy.”

Among the damage that would be done to public schools cited by Save Our Schools Arizona is:

  • The elimination of Title One funding for our poorest schools.
  • Disbanding the United States Department of Education.
  • Mandating an Orwellian sanitized version of United States History.
  • Taking away protections from the LGBTQ community and other minority groups.
  • A Nation-wide voucher program on steroids. By the way, as another example of how corrupt and poorly administered the Voucher programs is in Arizona, Attorney General Kris Mayes is looking into questionable approved expenses that may not pass the educational and financial audit smell test. Please click here to read the Attorney General office’s letter and hear to read the Arizona Department of Education’s responses.

Other programs that would face conversions to block grants, cuts, or elimination, including for those schools or districts do not abide with the MAGA vision of education are:

  • School Meal programs.
  • Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program.
  • Special Eduction
  • Sex Education Programs.

Faith Based Institutions would be protected from federal non sectarian accreditation requirements and standards.

At the end of her post, Ms. Lewis wrote:

“Arizona is the most important battleground state in the nation. Arizona voters have an opportunity to tip the scales of justice this November. It is our fervent hope you will all do your research and share it with friends and family. Please vote, up and down the ballot, for people who will protect public schools. If we all continue to stay engaged and take action where and how we can, together we will protect our Democracy.”

Wise words.

Voters need to act this November and push back the forces of MAGA-Fascism at the ballot box.

Democracy, the Republic, and the American Ideal are at stake.

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