SB1070 Update: Guv badmouthing AZ bad for business? Who coulda guessed?

by David Safier

I'm once again playing catch-up on posting, this time about a Howard Fischer article from July 1.

I guess if you say Arizona is the kidnapping/drug/decapitation capital of the universe, it makes people a little wary about coming here.

And who is doing all the badmouthing about our fair state?

Not the anti-SB1070 folks, who like to remind people that the levels of crime are down, especially on the border. And they also let people know they're not going to be kidnapped and won't get caught in the crossfire of a drug shoot-out.

Nope, it's the Accidental Guv and her cronies who are trying to justify their anti-immigrant legislation by lying about how bad things are here.

So we're going to be spending a quarter of a million in state bucks to "clarify facts and misconceptions."

"The information that we're giving to support 1070 in our state is that there's massive crime happening here and (we're the) kidnapping capital," [Kristen Jarnagin, spokeswoman for the Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association] said. "And those don't help tourism."

The responsible include Gov. Jan Brewer who has talked openly about crime she said is linked to illegal immigrants, including smuggling drugs, extorting people and terrorizing families, even contending on national television that law enforcement has found beheaded bodies in the Arizona desert.

The PR people have their work cut out for them, since our self-proclaimed truth-teller Guv is sticking by her truths lies.

Brewer press aide Kim Sabow defended the governor's comments, saying they "have helped to raise the level of awareness to the horrific activities penetrating Arizona from the south," which is necessary to combat the illegal activity and preserve the "desirable environment Arizona offers."

Maybe the first $100,000 should be devoted to a "Tell Brewer to Shut the Hell Up" campaign. More likely, though, the PR folks will put on sunshiny faces and just say how wonderful everything is here.

[State Tourism Director Sherry Henry] said the job of her agency is to "tell the positive message" that "Arizona is still all the wonderful things it's always been."

So who you gonna believe, a PR firm or your lying Guv? It's a tough choice.

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