Two weeks ago, Trump Zone Resident and Fox Island reactionaries gathered at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) gathering to celebrate conservative causes, espouse fringe principles, and  happily salute the 2016 KKK Endorsed Candidate (Donald Trump.)

It was also an opportunity to attack Democrats and the media for overblowing the significance of the Coronavirus.

According to various pieces like Reason’s, attendees, including now-former Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, said the Democrats and media were “overhyping” the virus to “tank the economy” and damage the reelection chances of Donald Trump.

The Mad King President, as writers like AZ Blue Meanie has reported, has resorted to multiple disinformation fronts coupled with callous comments (like the one he made about keeping the ship out at sea so the number of official cases would not increase.)

Close to two weeks later, these same science-denying Reactionaries are reaping what they sowed after the revelations that one of the attendees at the CPAC Conference tested positive for the virus.

This person shook hands and interacted with various leading Republican figures. These figures have interacted with the President and Vice President.

One of these figures, Mark Meadows, the new White House Chief of Staff, is already on a two-week self-imposed quarantine and getting paid for it.

Arizona Representative Paul Gosar and some of his staff are as well. Gosar, who already has a reputation for outlandish tweets, has not slowed down in quarantine, tweeting (and getting paid for it)  that he would prefer to die in battle than from the virus.

Georgia Representative (and Trump Anti Impeachment Ally) Doug Collins is on self-imposed quarantine as well.

So is Senator Ted Cruz.

Republican Blackshirt Mark Gaetz, the one who wore a mask in the well of the House mocking legislation to combat the virus (he did vote for it) found out he was exposed at CPAC while flying with Mr. Trump on Air Force One.

He is on quarantine now to and getting paid for it like the others.

Only Fanatic Reactionary Louie Gohmert from Iowa has decided to ignore precautions.

As of this morning, Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence have not seen fit to be tested for the virus.

They need to do so for the peace of mind for people in the country.

We are all in This Together.

IT IS important to emphasize that everyone should want President Trump, Vice President Pence, and others not to get the virus.

The nation needs a functioning government and while the irony is priceless that science-denying people at a right-wing conference who spent the weekend calling the coronavirus a hoax to hurt Mr. Trump were exposed, no one should wish bad tidings on anyone because of the political views they hold. 

Hopefully, this will be a significant emotional event for the conference attendees and they will be more receptive to treating this seriously (Pence and the experts appear to recognize the true reality) and enact measures to help people during this crisis like the paid sick leave (like what Mr. Meadows and the Congressmen are receiving,) food stamp increases, unemployment insurance increases, and health care measures the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are proposing along with the (wait for it) tax cuts Trump and some Republicans are considering.

Remember, this virus does not discriminate. It does not care what political party the person belongs to.

Everyone is in this together.