A bipartisan group of Senators led by Susan Collins and Joe Manchin has concluded a deal on legislation to overhaul the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

If passed into law, this legislation would remove any ambiguity on the role of the Vice President (solely ceremonial and ministerial)  in certifying the Presidential Election Electoral College results or excuses for future Trumps to contest them.


The legislation would also:

  • Increase to twenty percent of the House and the Senate to object to a states electoral college results instead of just one Representative and one Senator.
  • Making the governor of each state responsible for submitting the certificate of ascertainment.
  • Require “Congress to defer to slates of electors submitted by a state’s executive pursuant to the judgments of state or federal courts.”
  • State Legislatures follow the popular vote in that state’s presidential election results.
  • Provide guidance in the Presidential transition process following the election, including during disputes in the courts.

Arizona Secretary of State and Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs offered her insights into the bipartisan proposal to overhaul the Electoral College.

She commented:

“As someone who faced death threats to protect the will of Arizona voters in 2020 and who dealt directly with the fake elector scheme that spurred the movement to pass this bill, I’m glad that much-needed reform to the antiquated Electoral Count Act is making its way through Congress with the support of both Democrats and Republicans. But there’s still more work to do to protect our freedom to choose our own leaders because people like my likely opponent Kari Lake continue to spread conspiracy theories and refuse to respect the rule of law.” 

Secretary Hobbs is right. This proposal is a step forward but more will need to be done to persuade voters to ignore candidates who espouse the big lie narratives and protect the people when casting their ballots and securing their personal choice.

November 8, 2022, is 107 days away.

Remember to support the candidate that will do the most to lift people up, make decisions based on knowledge and facts, protect individuals’ rights and safety, and move the community and state forward.