Secretary of State Nominee Adrian Fontes Unveils the Republicans and Independents for Fontes Coalition

It may be safe to say that Democrats safely occupy the political spectrum that ranges from the right of center to the liberal left while Republicans currently preside over a shrinking right-wing populated with the increasingly radicalized, extremist, Anti-Democratic, and reality-denying Trumpist fringe base.

Want proof?

Look no further than today’s (September 12, 2022,) announcement from the campaign of Secretary of State Nominee Adrian Fontes where they unveiled the Republicans and Independents for Fontes Coalition.

Most of this group, many of whom have also endorsed Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs, represents the center-right in Arizona political circles.

Members include:

  • Mesa Mayor John Giles.
  • Former State Legislator Heather Carter.
  • Attorney and Independent Congressional Candidate Clint Smith.
  • Former County Supervisor Don Stapley.
  • Former Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano.
  • Former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley.

Commenting in a campaign press release on the reason for endorsing Mr. Fontes, Ms. Carter offered:

Adrian Fontes is pro-taxpayer, pro-election integrity, and pro-truth. We need that kind of leadership as Secretary of State, not fanaticism. I am proud to support Adrian in this race.”

Mr. Giuliano relayed:

“The stakes could not be higher. Adrian Fontes is the common sense leader Arizona needs as Secretary of State. The alternative is a dangerous extremist who would put our economy at risk and undermine our democracy. I am proud to support Fontes in this crucial race.”

Mr. Smith stated:

“I wholeheartedly support Adrian Fontes for Arizona Secretary of State. Arizona needs leaders committed to defending our democracy and protecting our elections. Both of our opponents this November represent the extreme wing of the Republican party. Mark Finchem and Andy Biggs have already shown their stripes by trying to undermine a free and fair election and supporting the terrible events of January 6th. These actions are disqualifying. Adrian Fontes has served our nation in the Marines and did an outstanding job as the Maricopa County Recorder. I have faith that he will be a strong, bipartisan leader for Arizona.”

In accepting the endorsements from these noted centrist-conservatives, Secretary of State Nominee Fontes commented:

“I am deeply grateful for this outpouring of support and the courage of these leaders. I know it isn’t easy to buck your party having done so myself. I am committed to nonpartisanship and vow to represent all Arizona voters as Arizona’s next Secretary of State.”

In their statements, Ms. Carter, Mr. Giuliano, and Mr. Smith captured the essence of what this race is about.

Truth vs Fanatical Denialism.

Right vs Wrong.

Democracy vs Radical Election Denying Extremism.

Love of State and Country vs Treason and Insurrection.

Adrian Fontes will protect Democracy and the Republic while his opponent, Mark Finchem would use the Secretary of States office to accomplish, through the bureaucratic and legislative process, what he and his insurrectionist-domestic terrorist collaborators could not achieve on January 6, 2021.

Voters have 57 days to turn out and cast ballots to consign Mr. Finchem and other fringe-extremist candidates like Ms. Lake, Ms. Yee, Mr. Hamadah, and Mr. Horne to the dustbin of history and political exile.

Voters should not forget to do their part in protecting the values and freedoms that these dangerously radical Trump Republicans would take away at their first opportunity.

Please click here to read the full press release from the Fontes Campaign.



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