Senator Martha McSally feels she is being persecuted by the “liberal” (meaning non-Fox Island and Brietbart) media establishment.

Being asked questions about actual facts would seem daunting to most Trump Zone Cult Members who have been weened on years of Fox Channel Commentary and Reporting.

It is probable that McSally really believes, as she expressed in a piece for Az Central, that she is being maligned by the mainstream media.

That or maybe she has given up on getting votes in the November 2020 elections from swing voters and is focusing on increasing the fringe reactionary base turnout.

If not, Senator McSally will have a lot of explaining to do to those same middle of the road Arizona voters if she decides, given the revelations of former National Security Advisor John Bolton in his unpublished best seller, not to vote for witnesses in the Senate Impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

If she does not, she will rightfully earn the nickname “Senator Coverup McSally” for not fully exploring the case against Mr. Trump.

So will the other Republicans who try to cover up Individual One’s betrayal of his oath of office.

It would be curious to read how she attempts to justify that act in her next op-ed.

One thing is for sure.

She can not explain it by blaming it on the liberal media.

The middle of the road voters in Arizona are not going to buy it.